Are butt fat injections safe?

Are butt fat injections safe?

07th Apr 2018

In order to have a more appealing derrière, buttock augmentation procedures may be done. There are several ways to do this, which involve the use of implants, the transfer of fat or the injection of fillers. Patients are discouraged from choosing the method that involves the injection of fillers because these can be dangerous to the health.

A better alternative would be to go for butt fat injections. This is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes the patient’s own fat to reshape and augment the buttocks. It is considered a safe procedure because it does not introduce any foreign substance into the body to augment the buttocks.

Like any other surgical procedures, the fat injection to the buttocks, otherwise known as the Brazilian butt lift, also comes with risks. Among them are bleeding, pulmonary embolism, seroma, asymmetry, fat embolism, deep vein thrombosis, fat necrosis, lidocaine toxicity, scarring, or bad reactions to anesthesia.

In order to minimize the risks, it is important to carefully select the surgeon who will perform the procedure. The surgeon you choose must be certified and have sufficient experience in conducting the procedure. This will ensure that you get the best possible results. Furthermore, patients must strictly follow the instructions of the surgeon in order to ensure a safe buttock augmentation procedure and recovery.

Buttock Augmentation

There are a number of people who wish that they had better-looking buttocks. They want to improve their buttocks’ aesthetic appearance in terms of the size or shape, sometimes even both. Fortunately, there is an effective way to achieve your aesthetic goals, which is through surgery. Consequently, there are several surgical buttock augmentation techniques to choose from, which include the use of implants, injection of fat and the injection of other fillers. Among the three, injecting fillers into your body is the most questionable method in regards to a patient’s safety. Fillers like silicone, paraffin, petroleum jelly, and other foreign substances are not FDA-approved and have not gone through testing and regulation. Based on existing cases, injecting fillers come with several risks and complications, such as a pulmonary embolism, kidney failure, infection, etc. Hence, this method is extremely unsafe and considered a black market type of procedure.

For this reason, if you really want to augment your buttocks, you are better off with getting implants or getting fat injected into your buttocks. Both of these are much safer and FDA-approved procedures. For those who want to avoid invasive surgical procedures, then you should go for the butt fat injections.

Buttock Fat Injections

In this day and age, the injection of fat to the buttocks is considered as a commonplace procedure. This procedure involves the liposuction of fat from other areas of the body and is more commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure can shape the buttocks and make it bigger by making use of the fat from the patient. This method cannot be performed without liposuction because fat is necessary. This type of buttock augmentation procedure enables the surgeons to shape the patient’s body and not just their buttocks. Through liposuction, the patient gets a slimmer waist, which will further accentuate the roundness of their new augmented buttocks. With just one procedure, you already get two positive results: a slimmer waist and better-looking buttocks.

Safety of Buttock Fat Injections

One of the main concerns of those who are thinking about getting a Brazilian butt lift is its safety. There is actually minimal risk since the fat will come from the same patient, thereby removing the risk of the body rejecting the fat. The body will simply accept the injected fat cells because it was taken from a different location in the same body.

The injection of fat on the buttocks is also a less invasive procedure than the use of buttock implants. The incisions are smaller because the only requirement is making holes for the cannula of the liposuction procedure. Furthermore, the only marks you’ll have on your derrière are from the injections. Therefore, this procedure is a great choice if you want to avoid an invasive buttock augmentation procedure.

Risks of Buttock Fat Injections

While making use of your own fat to reshape your buttocks is the safest material to use, the procedure still comes with its own risks. Most of the risks may be due to the liposuction procedure that comprises half of the whole process. It is also possible for an infection to develop if the fat is not handled properly. Other complications that may happen include bleeding, seroma, fat necrosis, asymmetry, scarring, fat embolism, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, lidocaine toxicity, or adverse reactions to anesthesia.

With that said, these risks are rare, especially if the patient chooses a certified and experienced surgeon. The probability of the risks occurring is drastically decreased when a well-experienced surgeon performs the surgery. Aside from that, the patient should communicate well with their surgeon in order to address all their concerns before the procedure. Patients should know what to expect from the surgery in order to avoid having to undergo another surgical procedure because they are unsatisfied with the results. Also, as the patient, you should strictly follow the instructions of your surgeons to ensure a safe and fast recovery.


Many women want to have buttocks that they can be proud of. A way to achieve that is to go through buttock augmentation surgery. It can be done by making use of implants, transferring fat to it or injecting fillers. However, filler injections are highly discouraged due to the negative effects they bring to the body.

Most surgeons will suggest having fat injected into the buttocks, also known as the Brazilian butt lift. This is a safe method because the fat injected comes from the same body. It is also minimally invasive and leaves smaller incision marks than the implant surgery.

With that said, there is still a chance to develop complications such as infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia, fat necrosis, bleeding, fat embolism, seroma, asymmetry, scarring, lidocaine toxicity or deep vein thrombosis. So in order to reduce the risk of complications, you should carefully choose your surgeon.

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