Are butt implants a long term solution compared to fat transfer?

Are butt implants a long term solution compared to fat transfer?

15th Sep 2018

Butt augmentation or gluteoplasty refers to a specific type of plastic surgery used to reshape the butt area. A surgeon can use two types of procedures in order to reach the desired shape: gluteal implants or fat transfer to the buttocks. As they are totally different surgeries, every procedure has its own ups and downs. By comparing them, we will focus on the procedure that is used, possible side effects, and costs. Bear in mind that you will still have to take your own doctor’s advice. His point of view comes from experience, your consultation, and possible outcome.

Butt implants

Butt implants or buttock prosthesis surgery uses the placement of gluteal implants. Even if the implants are totally different from breast implants, the procedure basically comprises the same steps. Using an incision, the doctor will insert the gluteal implant in the targeted area. Butt implants are different from breasts implants as butt implants use a different type of gel and will last much longer than breast implants, which usually need to be changed after ten years. For side effects, butt implants can have the following complications: bleeding, infection, nerve damage, asymmetry, shifting of the implant, or rupture. The average price for this procedure is around $8,000, usually depending on the area or facilities.

Fat transfer to the buttocks

Unlike butt implants, the surgeon will use your own fat instead of gluteal implants to reshape your buttocks. This is why in order for a patient to qualify for this type of procedure, her body has to have some extra fat around the abdomen or thighs as the surgeon will harvest the extra fat from these areas for butt augmentation. Liposuction is used in the process, and the fat transfer is usually made with some limitations as normally, the survival rate of the fat involved in the transfer is low. In some cases, you may need another procedure in order for the final result to be achieved. Liposuction has similar side effects such as anesthetic complications, bleeding, slow tissue recovery, hematomas, or seromas. The average price for this type of procedure is around $5,000, again depending on different factors.

While comparing them, we can fairly assume that a fat transfer procedure is much safer as there is no need to worry about complications specific to implant surgery. Also, a fat transfer creates a much more natural result, and you will not have the same discomfort as with gel implant augmentation. However, the fat inserted in the body can be affected by weight loss and gains, while butt implants will always be the same size. A fat transfer will also be much cheaper, but again, your doctor is the one to give the best solution for your butt augmentation.

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