Are butt implants different for men and women?

Are butt implants different for men and women?

19th Oct 2018

Butt implant surgery may be common for women but men may also benefit from it, and there are more and more male patients getting it. Flat buttocks aren’t limited to women alone, and men have this kind of problem too. This is why some men also undergo the butt augmentation procedure using implants.

Are you a man thinking of undergoing a butt implant surgery? Don’t worry; you are not alone, there are lots of men who have gone through a buttock augmentation with implants. Just like you, they were also worried about the outcome because of the results they see in women.

Men don’t want womanly curvy buttocks, but they can also use the augmentation. Although the implants used in butt augmentation surgery for men and women are the same, the results will still vary and will be appropriate for the body of the patient.

Men shouldn’t be afraid of getting butt implant surgery because their buttocks won’t necessarily look like a woman’s butt. The buttocks of men are more muscular than that of women’s, which is why it appears more manly.

When the implants are inserted, the shape of the buttocks will not only be affected by the implants but also the muscular structure of the patient. This is why the buttocks of male patients still remain manly after the surgery.

Women, on the other hand, have more fat in their buttocks. Their hips are also designed to be wider to give a shapelier appearance. These too will affect the final appearance of the buttocks of the patient.

Butt augmentation with the use of implants is considered as a major kind of surgery. It is done under general anesthesia, and it takes about two to three hours to have it done. The incisions are usually done near where the cheeks meet so as not to make it obvious.

The implants can be positioned either above or below the muscle for male or female patients. This would depend on what the surgeon and patient have talked about during the consultation. The full recovery from the procedure can take several months, and until the patient is fully recovered, they should only perform low-intensity workouts.

This kind of surgery is great for those who want to augment their buttocks and achieve a more prominent augmentation because of the variety of sizes available. It is also a suitable procedure when there is not enough fat in the body to transfer to the buttocks for augmentation.

Aside from having a butt implant surgery, patients can also choose another surgical procedure to augment their buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift procedure makes use of liposuction to remove excess fat in other areas of the body. After liposuction, the fat removed is injected back into the buttocks.

This is great for those who have adequate fat that can be used for the augmentation. It is also chosen by those who wish to slim down other parts of their body while still making use of the fat removed to improve their buttocks. One limitation of the procedure is when the patient doesn’t have enough fat in their body.

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