Are butt implants permanent?

Are butt implants permanent?

14th Feb 2018

When considering plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the buttocks, there are numerous procedures that can be performed nowadays. Among them are the Brazilian butt lift, butt augmentation with implants, or butt augmentation with fat grafting. While using fat to improve the shape or increase the size of the buttocks often provides more natural results and is associated with fewer complications, many patients still prefer butt implant surgery due to the benefits it offers.

An important factor in deciding to undergo butt augmentation with implants is the fact that butt implants offer permanent results and often there is no need to replace or remove them after years. In other words, butt implants are permanent, and once they are placed inside the buttocks and the recovery process is complete, there is nothing to worry about.

It is important for patients to know that butt implants are different from breast implants in terms of durability. Breast implants come with a ten-year warranty that can be extended and it is recommended to change the implants after the warranty expires, even if not immediately. However, when it comes to butt implants, they are meant to last a lifetime and it is not necessary to remove or replace them later on in life or after a certain period of time. This is one of the reasons why butt implants are permanent unlike breast implants, which are just temporary devices that should be removed and replaced after a certain time period.

Another aspect to consider is the sustainability or permanence of the results. When it comes to plastic surgery, many procedures are known to provide long-lasting or even permanent results. Butt implant surgery is one of these procedures and provides results that are permanent. In other words, the volume of the buttocks will stay pretty much the same during the lifetime of the patient because the implants will have the same size and volume. Moreover, the consistency and shape of the buttocks will stay the same if no major weight fluctuations occur.

Butt implant surgery provides results that are permanent and easily sustainable. This is one of the reasons why many patients prefer this procedure instead of the fat transfer to the buttocks. The fat transfer to the buttocks involves the grafting of the patient’s own fat cells to the buttocks, but after the transfer, these cells will behave like any adipose cell in the body. This means that after the fat transfer to the buttocks, the buttocks will get bigger if the patient gains weight and the opposite will happen if the patient loses weight. This means that the results achieved with the procedure are more dependent on the weight of the patient when compared to the results of butt implant surgery that are pretty much permanent.

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