Are compressive garments mandatory after a breast lift?

Are compressive garments mandatory after a breast lift?

07th Aug 2018

Beautiful, firm breasts with an aesthetic contour are considered a symbol of femininity and sensuality. The loss of skin elasticity, the negative effects of gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight fluctuation can affect the firmness and shape of the breasts. The natural aging process also determines modifications of our bodies, and implicitly, our breasts. The most common effects are the loss of mammary tissue volume and skin sagginess. The breast lift procedure can help you regain your self-confidence by restoring the beautiful, perky aspect of your breasts.

Details about the breast lift procedure

Mastopexy is the surgical procedure used to contour and elevate droopy breasts. At the same time, during this procedure, we can reduce the size of the areolas if they are enlarged. A vast majority of women present the loss of firmness of the breasts with aging. There are multiple causes behind breast ptosis, even genetic ones. The changes at the breast level are usually progressive and occur when the patient is between 20 and 40 years old. The volume of the mammary gland can remain normal, but the firmness and elevated position can be lost.

A breast lift surgery can restore the beauty of the breasts and can also correct their position on the chest wall without augmenting or reducing the dimensions. However, if the breasts are overly large, the patient can choose for a breast reduction to be performed with the breast lift. If the breasts are too small, the patient can have a breast lift with mammary implants to augment the size of the breasts.

Who can benefit from a breast lift surgery?

The lifting of the breasts is a procedure that targets women with droopy breasts that are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts and even suffer from emotional complexes due to this. The best results can be achieved by women with small, saggy breasts and these are also the results that can be easily maintained in time. Of course, the procedure can be performed on any type and size of breasts, but overly large breasts will start sagging sooner than smaller breasts. Unfortunately, there is no surgery that we can perform to eliminate the effects of gravity on the human body.

Women of different ages can benefit from this procedure. It is important to discuss with your plastic surgeon your expectations even from the pre-operative consultation because each person has a different view regarding the optimal size of the breasts and the aspect of the scars. You should also discuss the side effects that can occur after the procedure is performed and what to do during the recovery period.

Compressive garments mandatory after breast lift

Some of the patients that I see for a breast lift surgery tend to believe that once the procedure is performed, they will walk out of the operating room with perky breasts that they can show off immediately on the beach or at the pool. This is not possible. After the procedure, your chest will have compressive bandages on. A certain level of swelling and bruising will be present for up to four or six weeks after the procedure, and the only method to reduce the inflammation and speed up the recovery is to wear a post-op bra or a sports bra after breast surgery.

I always make it a priority to mention this to my patients as many of them have events they need to attend after the surgery and they need to be aware of the necessity to wear a sports bra non-stop. This means that you won’t be able to wear a strapless dress or go braless for at least six to eight weeks after your surgery.

It is true that for some patients, the recovery process goes much smoother and faster than for others. The swelling can be gone within two weeks, and the patient might be excited and desiring to show off the results of her surgery. Even if the recovery process seems to be complete and no pain or discomfort is present, it is still mandatory to wear the compressive bra until you have a green light from your plastic surgeon. The aesthetic results of your intervention can be severely impacted if you choose not to follow up on this specific recommendation.

After the breast lift, your breasts will need support and also to be kept immobile from the movements of the rest of the body. This can help you avoid unnecessary pain and also help you decrease swelling and inflammation.

It is also important for you to keep in mind that a lifting of the breasts won’t keep your breasts firm forever. The effect of gravity, further pregnancy, aging, or ulterior weight fluctuations can determine the progressive occurrence of breast ptosis once again. Wearing the post-op or sports bra after the surgery and choosing a suitable bra once the recovery period is complete will help you sustain the results of your procedure for a longer period of time.


Compressive garments are mandatory after many plastic surgery interventions performed on the body. Breast enhancement procedures and especially the breast lift intervention is no different. After the intervention, the breasts need the additional support provided by the bra to reduce swelling and to keep them in place with every movement of the body. Wearing the special bra is essential for achieving satisfactory results after the breast lift procedure and also to ensure you have a fast and uneventful recovery period. Moreover, wearing an appropriate and supportive bra once the results of the breast lift have stabilized will help you sustain the results of your intervention for a longer period of time.

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