Are hydrogel injections to the butt safe?

Are hydrogel injections to the butt safe?

23rd Sep 2017

Are Hydrogel injections to the butt safe?

Because of the desire to have a larger derrière, people have chosen to use hydrogel injections as an alternative to plastic surgery. Even though hydrogel has been used for different medical and technological applications, it is still a highly dangerous method to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks.

There is actually no authority that has regulated or approved the hydrogel solution used for the injections, thus, the ingredients remain unclear. It may even be contaminated. Overall, the FDA has yet to approve it because the safety of this type of filler is still questionable.

Nonetheless, there is no way of stopping this kind of hydrogel from being injected into the body because it is not regulated. This is why there are still many hydrogels available in the black market.

Some women prefer hydrogel injections because it is an easy and less invasive way to improve their buttocks. It is certainly less painful than going through a butt implant surgery, which in turn makes it significantly cheaper too.

Hydrogel injections are made up of a solution of mostly water and a small part of polyacrylamide. The procedure is simple: use a sterile syringe to insert the hydrogel into your buttocks. Once you this is done, you will only see a small hole/indentation made by the needle, but this will disappear quickly.

The way this method works is that the hydrogel acts as a filler for the buttocks to make them into the desired shape and size. However, it is possible that one session of injecting the hydrogel is not enough, meaning you will need multiple injections to get the ideal shape. Fortunately, the recovery time for this kind of treatment is minimal. For as early as two days, you will be able to resume your daily activities and see the results.

While there seem to be many advantages to this procedure, it also comes with a lot of drawbacks. Most surgeons are strongly against them because of the many negative impacts that they cause. First of all, the FDA does not approve the use of hydrogel injections, which should already be cause for concern since it is unregulated. Also, more tests will be made in order to assess its safety for public consumers.

In addition, the exact ingredients of it are unknown. Some believe that it contains toxic substances, such as a neurotoxin acrylamide (even if it is not mentioned in the list of ingredients). While it is listed that the solution contains polyacrylamide, this can still de-polymerize into acrylamide thereby causing toxicity in the body.

If you do a quick search on the Internet, you will notice how many women are inquiring about how to eliminate the hydrogel from their buttocks. This is because of its negative effects on the patient. Some women feel itchy and pain in the injected area. There are also reports of how they develop deformed, discolored and scarred buttocks because of it.

Another disadvantage is the price, yes it is cheaper than surgery, it is still not that affordable. You may be required to spend about $300 – $500 just for a single shot of the hydrogel injection. Since one injection may not be enough, you will have to spend more for this procedure vs. a surgery where you only pay for one procedure.

If you really are really adamant about increasing the size of your buttocks, this can still be possible, but without the use of hydrogel injections. There are much safer methods to consider, such as the fat grafting procedure. You should always put your safety and health over aesthetics.

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