Are the results of fat transfer to the butt permanent?

Are the results of fat transfer to the butt permanent?

09th Mar 2018

Fat transfer procedures are performed quite frequently nowadays with the purpose of adding volume to certain features of the body that could use an increase in size, volume, or their shape corrected. Fat transfer is commonly performed on the buttocks, hips and even breasts.

Many people resort to having fat grafted to their butt as it is a safe and efficient procedure to get bigger buttocks with no use of a foreign object such as implants. Another reason why patients might prefer to undergo the fat transfer is that it provides good and natural results. But then the question arises, are the results of fat transfer to the butt permanent?

Up until a few years ago, the procedure was performed with good results, but the results were not sustainable. This means that a few months after the procedure, the fat was reabsorbed by the body and the patient didn’t have much to show in terms of aesthetic achievements after this. This is still a risk of the procedure, especially if the patient chooses an inexperienced or uncertified doctor to perform it. However, when the procedure is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who plays out this type of procedure routinely, the results of fat transfer will last in time.

Even if the procedure is performed by a knowledgeable and talented plastic surgeon and a success by industry standards, the results of fat transfer to the buttocks require some dedication from the patient to be maintained in time. In other words, the patient needs to follow certain post-operative instructions to ensure the results will last or become permanent.

To prolong the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks after fat transfer, the patient is advised to avoid weight fluctuations. Any significant weight changes can trigger an alteration of the results. If the patient gains a considerable amount of weight, the buttocks can get even better, but the shape might not be so desirable as it was after the procedure. Moreover, when weight gain occurs, other areas of the body will be affected as well, and the body might lose its nice shape that was sculpted with liposuction. If weight loss occurs, the results can be once again affected. The fat cells that were grafted into the buttocks will get a new blood supply and will behave as they have always been a part of the structure of the butt. This means that if the patient loses weight after the procedure, the layer of fat on the buttocks will reduce its size as well, so the buttocks will lose volume and look smaller.

Weight fluctuations can also occur if the patient gets pregnant. Make sure to discuss the details about how to make the results of fat transfer to the butt permanent with your plastic surgeon.

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