Are the results permanent after butt augmentation?

Are the results permanent after butt augmentation?

04th Apr 2019


When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery, patients want to know even from the early stages how long the results are going to last. Generally speaking, most plastic surgery procedures deliver long-term or permanent results, but sustaining the results of plastic surgery is also the responsibility of the patient.


Butt augmentation with implants is performed to improve the contours of the butt cheeks and create more volume and projection for the buttocks. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone and feel very similar to the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Butt implants are different in terms of shape and consistency to breast implants.


Butt implant surgery can be performed on both male and female patients who have small or flat buttocks and would like to have an increase in the size of their rear end. The procedure is safe and often lasts no longer than a few hours. The hospitalization period is also very short. Within hours from waking up from the general anesthesia, the patient is allowed to go home if no complications occur.


Patients interested in undergoing butt implant surgery need to understand that the procedure can be followed by the occurrence of certain complications such as infections, excessive bleeding, injury of the nerves and muscles, and asymmetries, but most of these risks can be avoided just by choosing a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon to play out the procedure.


Butt implants represent an optimal solution for patients who want bigger, more attractive buttocks that are in harmony with the rest of their silhouette. However, you need to be aware of all the aspects involved by undergoing such a complex plastic surgery procedure.


When it comes to the sustainability of the results, you should know that the size of the buttocks will stay more or less the same for as long as the implants are inside the buttocks. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that your buttocks will stay exactly the same forever. There are different factors that affect the appearance of the butt, even after undergoing plastic surgery to increase their size. This means that in time, your butt can lose its beautiful shape even after buttock augmentation due to fat accumulations in different areas or sagginess that can occur with the natural aging process due to the loss of skin elasticity.


The results of butt augmentation with implants are permanent, however, the appearance of your buttocks is dependent on your lifestyle choices and weight. If you will put on a considerable amount of weight or lose a lot of weight, the appearance of the butt might change as well. When comparing the results of butt implant surgery with fat transfer to the buttocks, you should know that it is more difficult for patients of fat transfer to sustain the results over time.


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