Are there alternatives to plastic surgery?

Are there alternatives to plastic surgery?

16th Apr 2019

Are there alternatives to plastic surgery?


Before resorting to plastic surgery, many patients try other methods that are advertised or believed to correct a body or facial imperfection. When it comes to undergoing surgery, the same holds true as with other fields of medicine: surgery should be the last resort, only to be tried after all else has failed. In other words, plastic surgery becomes an option when all else fails. However, there are also body imperfections that can’t be corrected any other way than with plastic surgery, and trying otherwise would only be a waste of time and money for the patient.


Take for example the breast lift. There are no other alternatives for this procedure. Not even another plastic surgery procedure can substitute for a breast lift, despite the common belief that breast implants will do the trick. The procedure requires the removal of excess skin from the breasts and also re-centering the mammary gland to a more natural position on the chest wall. This can’t be achieved with exercise, diets, pills or massages, no matter what you’ve read online. When it comes to ptosis and excess skin, the only viable solution is surgical removal. This means that plastic surgery is the only possible option.


Now let’s have a look at liposuction. Many believe that liposuction is a fast method to lose weight for people who don’t want to eat right and exercise. But is this true? Before anything else, we should mention that liposuction is not a weight loss method. During a single liposuction session, the surgeon shouldn’t remove more than 6 to 7 liters of fat. This means that the weight loss is not impressive for a patient who is obese or overweight.


Liposuction is a body remodeling procedure that should be used after the patient has achieved his ideal weight with exercise, diet, or any other means. Liposuction comes to further contour the body by eliminating localized fat deposits or fat accumulations that were resistant to the other methods used. Even people who exercise regularly and have a healthy eating regimen can develop adipose pockets in areas difficult to address with exercise such as the knees, calves, chin, and even the flanks where fat tends to start accumulating with fat. As you can see, despite common belief, liposuction doesn’t have other alternatives as there is nothing else that can deliver the same results.


As for fat transfer, there is definitely no alternative for fat grafting. During these procedures, the plastic surgeon will remove the fat from areas where it is in excess with liposuction and then use the fat to inject it in areas that could use the volume. Fat grafting can be done to the breasts, buttocks, and even the hips. The hourglass hip procedure that involves fat transfer to the hips is one of the most popular and effective procedures to help the patients get an hourglass silhouette.


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