Are there different types of butt implants

Are there different types of butt implants

29th Apr 2017

Buttock augmentation can be done successfully by inserting implants into the buttocks. Most of the buttock implants available today are made of a solid silicone gel material. This material is more durable than breast implants and are also less likely to rupture because they are solid. Nonetheless, they still feel soft and they match or closely resemble the softness of the muscles in the buttocks. The great thing about them is that they don’t rupture or deflate even with great pressure on the buttocks due to various activities.

The butt implants available today come in different styles. There are currently four styles available in the market today, but the most commonly used is known as Style 3. This style of butt implant is rounded in shape and is non-directional. These are preferred because the projection in both the upper and lower poles are the same. This means that if the butt implants rotate, the appearance of the butt cheeks won’t change and won’t result in a deformity. This kind of butt implant can also be positioned under the fascia or within the muscle.

There are also directional implants such as Style 1 and Style 2. Just like anatomical breast implants, the directional butt implants do not have equal dimensions in all directions. These are usually tapered at the top poles, and they need to be properly positioned in order to provide a very flattering look for the buttocks. This type of butt implant is usually positioned in the sub-fascial plane.

Custom butt implants are also available, and they are known as Style 4 butt implants. It has mirrored sides in order to provide a flattering symmetry for the buttocks. Not many surgeons offer the use of Style 4 because it has to be manually sculpted and not all are capable of sculpting butt implants that look great after the butt implant surgery.

Aside from the style, butt implants also differ in size or volume. The size used on a patient will depend on the current appearance of the patient’s buttocks and the degree of augmentation desired by the patient. All butt implants are sterilized before they are placed in order to prevent any infection to develop.

When a patient is unsure about the butt implant to be used for the procedure, it is best to talk to the surgeon about it. Certified surgeons can suggest implants that would work well with the patient’s body and would help achieve their augmentation goal. In some cases, a patient’s goal may not be realistic enough. In cases like this, a surgeon has to let the patient understand the procedure and what is to be expected from the procedure.

With a proper understanding of what the butt implant surgery can provide, its limitations, the risks involved and what the recovery is like, a patient can create realistic expectations. Patients are also more likely to be happy with the results of their surgery when their expectations are realistic enough.

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