Are there natural remedies for breast enlargement?

Are there natural remedies for breast enlargement?

11th Dec 2019

Are there natural remedies for breast enlargement?


Breast enlargement has been a constant preoccupation for people over the last couple of decades. With the breasts being one of the most important symbols of femininity and sex appeal, there is no wonder that more and more women are looking for solutions to get bigger breasts. Over the years we have seen pills, creams, massage techniques, and even physical exercise routines advertised to help you increase the volume of your breasts. Just imagine taking a pill and seeing your breasts getting bigger day after day until they are exactly the size you have been dreaming of since forever. Or applying a special cream on your breasts every evening and once again noticing how your breasts increase their volume day after day. It’s just magic. 

Unfortunately, it is also completely impossible and unrealistic. If breast enlargement were as easy as taking a pill or rubbing in a lotion, there would certainly be no one interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery. And considering the fact that breast augmentation with implants is the second most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world, it would be safe to assume that none of the other so-called natural remedies for breast enlargement really work.

If you have a look at the sites promoting these products and read all the content and testimonials, it might make you feel that everything is so simple, the solution was always just in front of your eyes but you didn’t see it. All these pills and creams with special ingredients, all for the cost of a meal at McDonald’s or a little more. 

On a regular basis, I see patients who have tried different natural remedies for breast enlargement before scheduling an appointment with the plastic surgeon. Some of them had even been confronted with some unpleasant side effects while for others it was just a waste of time and money. It is normal for patients to be interested in natural remedies for breast enlargement as nowadays most women want to achieve natural results even after undergoing plastic surgery. However, it is rather unrealistic to expect a pill or a cream to make your breasts two bra cups larger. 

When patients ask me about natural remedies for breast enlargement, I talk to them about lipofilling. Breast lipofilling is a plastic surgery procedure that has seen an increase in demand in the last few years due to the fact that it provides natural results and it only uses the patient’s own fat tissue to increase the volume of the breasts. What happens is that plastic surgeon performs liposuction on areas with an excess of fat to collect fat cells that will then be processed and purified and reinjected into the breasts to give them more volume and a nicer shape. Keep in mind that the augmentation achieved in this manner is no more than a bra cup. 

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