Are there other ways of increasing the volume of the breasts aside from plastic surgery?

Are there other ways of increasing the volume of the breasts aside from plastic surgery?

23rd Jul 2019


Many women nowadays are interested in different methods that can lead to the increase in the volume of their breasts. As a result, the breast augmentation market has increased exponentially, and now there are pills, creams, gels, oils, massages and even programs and apps that are dedicated for women to want to get breast augmentation. Considering this, it would seem ludicrous to imply that there is no other method to get bigger breasts than resorting to plastic surgery, but this is the reality. If there would be any other way that would help women achieve bigger breasts, breast augmentation surgery would certainly stop being one of the two most performed plastic surgery procedures worldwide. Breast augmentation with implants has been one of the most commonly performed procedures for many years now, together with liposuction. One of the reasons why this is the case is exactly because it is the only method to get good, sustainable results.

In case you have thought about using pills to increase the size of your breasts, you should know that most of these pills and the ones that have the slightest effect are filled with estrogen, sometimes from natural sources. They make the breasts look a bit fuller, but their effects are temporary and not without side effects. If you come to think about it, the same effect can be achieved with birth control medication, but again, not everyone benefits from fuller, heavier breasts when on the pill. If you take the pill for breast augmentation you should know that they won’t increase the size of the breasts; they can only make them a bit fuller or heavier, but with the cost of unwanted side effects such as weight gain or others. Moreover, the results are not permanent and can often lead to other complications.

Now, considering physical exercise to increase the size of the breasts is not wrong, but you should first understand that there are no muscles in the breasts. The pectoral muscles are the muscles of the chest, and they are positioned under the breast tissue. In other words, a considerable increase in the muscle of the chest (even if possible) doesn’t ensure bigger breasts. On the contrary, developing big chest muscles can lead to a reduction in breast tissue due to the burning of fat tissue in the breasts when performing exercises that target the area.

If you want a more natural method to increase the size of the breasts that also has minimal risks associated with it, you should know that there is another plastic surgery procedure that can be performed on women who want bigger breasts but don’t want to get implants. The procedure is called fat grafting to the breasts and entails the use of the patient’s own fat cells harvested from other areas of the body that are processed and injected into the breasts to make them bigger, fuller, and rounder. 

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