Are there scars left behind after fat grafting?

Are there scars left behind after fat grafting?

28th Sep 2019


Scarring is unavoidable after undergoing plastic surgery and also one of the turnoffs that keep people from resorting to plastic surgery. Some patients are really put off by the perspective of having to deal with scars that are permanent and sometimes positioned in areas where they could be visible. It is true that surgery is not possible without scars behind left behind, whatever type of surgery we are talking about. Also, it is true that the scars left on the body or the face are permanent. However, what some people might not know is that some procedures leave behind almost insignificant scarring.

Are there scars left behind after fat grafting? We hear this question a lot during the pre-operative consultation for butt augmentation surgery. And probably the lack of significant scarring is one of the reasons why fat grafting to the butt is a procedure so in demand and popular nowadays.

To see what can be expected in terms of scars, we need to have a look at how the procedure is performed. When the Brazilian butt lift or butt augmentation with fat is performed, the first thing that the plastic surgeon needs to do is ensure he has enough fat cells for the transfer. This means that another area of the body (often the flanks or the abdominal wall) are addressed with liposuction. Using liposuction, the plastic surgeon aims to improve the shape of the body and give a better definition to the silhouette, but also to collect the necessary quantity of fat needed for the transfer. After liposuction is performed, the fat is processed and reinserted into the buttocks with the help of a special syringe. For liposuction, the plastic surgeon will need to make a few small incisions, often about 3 to 4 mm wide in the areas treated (flanks and abdomen). For fat transfer to the butt, the same type of incisions is needed to allow the insertion of the syringe, so the patient will also get 3 to 4 mm wide incisions on the buttocks. These incisions are very small, and the plastic surgeon will position them in areas of the butt and donor areas with care as to make them almost invisible when the cicatrization process is completed and the surgical wounds have healed and matured.

To answer the question “Are there scars left behind after fat grafting?” in short, we would have to say “yes, there are.” However, if you have a look at before and after pictures of patients undergoing fat grafting to the butt or the Brazilian butt lift, you will notice that the scars are too small and barely visible to make a difference or to present a real issue.

This procedure is recommended for patients who have unwanted fat deposits in other areas of the body and understand they need to adopt a certain post-op behavior to ensure satisfactory results are achieved.


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