Are you comfortable with the doctor who will perform your plastic surgery?

Are you comfortable with the doctor who will perform your plastic surgery?

29th Jan 2021

Plastic surgery is elective surgery, and this means that unlike most other medical fields, the patient has full control for who performs the procedure. While this is a major benefit of elective procedures, it also entails a great level of responsibility for the patient. In other words, if your procedure succeeds or not is more in your hands than you thought it would be.

To get the best possible surgeon, you should start with research. Make sure to take enough time to study different options. You will most likely live with the results all your life, so don’t worry if you spend a month or two looking for the best plastic surgeon. As they say, better safe than sorry. Choosing an experienced, talented board-certified plastic surgeon is the safer option. 

Nowadays you can find online pretty much anything you need to know about a plastic surgeon, including his accreditations if he is board-certified or not, where he conducts surgery, and what results are to be expected. Most plastic surgeons will post before and after pictures of past patients they operated on their site. This will give you an idea about how talented he is and how you might look afterwards. Make sure to choose a reputable plastic surgeon with plenty of experience performing the procedure you are interested in as this is the only way to minimize the risks and maximize the results. 

There is one question that you should ask yourself after deciding on a surgeon, and this is: Are you comfortable with the doctor who will perform your plastic surgery? It is important to have a good relationship with the plastic surgeon as you will see him for a year after the procedure. Follow-up consultations are scheduled periodically to allow him to monitor the progress of your healing. 

In the presence of your plastic surgeon, you should feel safe, at ease and completely comfortable. Talking to the plastic surgeon openly and honestly is crucial for the success of your procedure and a way of ensuring you are getting the results you desire. Getting unsatisfactory results after plastic surgery often comes as a result of poor doctor-patient communication or a lack of understanding between the two. An experienced plastic surgeon will make sure he understands exactly what you want and assesses the possibility to deliver this before allowing you to go further and schedule the procedure.

Also, keep in mind that you need to be able to rely on the plastic surgeon throughout the recovery period as complications might occur. Generally speaking, if complications occur, the recommendation is to contact the surgeon immediately so he can see what it is about and administer treatment.

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