Areas of the body that can be improved with the help of plastic surgery

Areas of the body that can be improved with the help of plastic surgery

11th Oct 2019

Areas of the body that can be improved with the help of plastic surgery


Different people resort to plastic surgery for different reasons. Some want to use procedures to correct imperfections they were born with or left with after trauma, accidents, or other factors. Other people want to improve the contours of the body or get a better definition of the silhouette. Generally speaking, whatever the imperfection might be, there are chances that plastic surgery has a solution for it. The areas of the body that can be improved with the help of plastic surgery are practically all the areas of the body, from the face down to the calves and ankles. However, different areas ask for different procedures. Even if technically we can improve any area of the body with the help of plastic surgery, there are also some limitations. 

For example, when talking about enhancing the breasts, patients can choose between an augmentation using fat transfer or implants, breast lift with or without implants, and a breast reduction. In some cases, even liposuction can be performed on the breasts and the surrounding areas if the patient is confronted with an excess of adipose tissue. However, what we can’t do with plastic surgery is make the breasts come closer to each other. There are patients whose breasts are distanced from each other and they would like to use surgery to bring them together. This is not in the scope of plastic surgery unfortunately, and this imperfection can more easily and efficiently be corrected by using the right type of bra. 

The distance between the breasts is dependent on the size of the breasts. Hence, getting implants can make the breasts look closer together, but the dimensions of the thorax and the base of the breasts are also factors. We can’t change the dimensions of the thorax when a plastic surgery for breast enhancement is performed. 

When it comes to the buttocks, they are another area of the body that is commonly improved with the help of plastic surgery nowadays. The procedures that are used are the butt lift, the Brazilian butt lift, butt implant surgery, and liposuction. A patient might be recommended to undergo one of these procedures or a combination of them, depending on the initial condition of the tissues and the results desired.

The arms can be enhanced with the help of plastic surgery and the procedure often performed is liposuction and arms lift. These reduce the thickness of the adipose layer in the area and eliminate the excess of skin that can occur with aging or after massive weight loss.

The abdominal area can be treated with a tummy tuck, a liposuction, or a combination of the above procedures. The areas of the hips can have fat transfer and the legs can undergo liposuction and also a lower body lifting procedure.


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