What to ask your surgeon about surgery aftercare

What to ask your surgeon about surgery aftercare

11th Oct 2017

Taking care of yourself after the surgery is very important, and it plays a great role in the results you will have. After the body has gone through an invasive plastic surgery procedure, it needs to heal itself. Recovery from plastic surgery will take time, and patients have to make sure they do their best to help their body heal efficiently.

In order for you to properly take care of yourself, you may need information or advice from your surgeon. There are some questions you can ask in order to help you to know how to properly care for your body after surgery. The surgeon can also offer you advice on what to do and what not to do.

One of the questions you can ask is the type of closure that your surgeon will use for your wound. Each surgeon will have a different preference as to what type of closure they would want to use for a specific procedure. Some can use staples, dissolvable or removable sutures, or even Steri-Strips. Knowing which kind will help you know whether you need to come back to remove your stitches or just let them dissolve on their own.

Another question you may want to ask your surgeon is how your wound would be bandaged. The bandages will help cover up the surgical wound in order to make sure that it is sterile. It can also help support the area where the incision is so that it doesn’t open up. Some surgeons can also require their patients to wear a specific bandage to make sure the body part is properly supported while healing. It is important to know how long you need to wear the bandage and when you can remove it.

It is also important to ask your surgeon how you should care for your incision. They can give you specific instructions on when and how to clean the incision. Most of the time, the wound should be kept dry and clean. Antiseptic solutions can also be suggested by the surgeon in order to help easily clean the wound without getting it wet by water. When you go home, you will be cleaning the wound site on your own, so you better know how to do it properly. You should also ask when you can shower to keep yourself hygienic and comfortable.

You can also ask your surgeon what to expect about the incision. This way, you won’t panic when there are changes you observe. You can also call the surgeon or go to the emergency room when something goes wrong.

Apart from these questions, you may also ask advice from your surgeon on how to properly take care of yourself after surgery. This can help you know what things you should do to help with your recovery. Some of the things your surgeon would suggest are things their previous patients also did to recover or to be more comfortable while recovering efficiently.

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