Assessing the results of a breast lift

Assessing the results of a breast lift

03rd May 2019


The breast lift is performed on women with saggy, droopy breasts who want to correct the appearance of their breasts and have perky and youthful looking breasts again. The procedure is performed in less than a few hours, and it rarely requires a hospitalization of more than 12 hours. The breast lift is performed under general anesthetic, usually for the comfort of the patient.

The first results are visible soon after the procedure. The sagginess is corrected, the breasts are higher on the chest wall, the mammary gland is re-centered, and the breasts look perky, but it can take up to one year to be able to assess the results of a breast lift properly.

The first days and weeks after the breast lift, the breasts are swollen and bruised. Considering the fact that during the procedure, the plastic surgeon made incisions and detached the skin on the breasts, then re-centered the mammary gland, re-draped the skin and excised the surplus of skin and fat tissue, there is really no wonder why side effects such as swelling and bruising occur. The breast lift is an invasive surgery, so it is associated with certain side effects. The breasts will also have changes in sensitivity after the procedure. The changes can be temporary or can even become permanent. The incisions can be a bit painful or numb after the breast lift, and this is normal as well.

Immediately after the procedure, the breasts might not look impressive due to all the swelling, bruising and red incisions. It is important to know that this is just the initial stage of the healing process and that the appearance of your breasts will change a lot in the next few months. Over the first three months post-op, the breasts will start to look more and more like what would be the final results of the breast lift. This means that the swelling and bruising will subside and the incisions will start to look more like fine white lines. Keep in mind that the cicatrization process for the incisions can take up to one year. This is the reason why your plastic surgeon will advise you to wait one year before evaluating the results of a breast lift. However, this is only related to the scarring left behind by the procedure. If your breasts are still saggy or asymmetric after the breast lift, you can assess these after the first three months. Generally speaking, we consider these as unsatisfactory results that often requires an additional surgery to correct them.

Make sure to choose a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure to avoid achieving unsatisfactory results. Also, make sure to follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon for post-operative care as this will influence the results you get. Participate in the follow-up consultations with the plastic surgeon to allow him to monitor your recovery after the breast lift.

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