Asymmetric breasts after the breast lift

Asymmetric breasts after the breast lift

26th May 2019


Breast lift surgery, also popularly known as mastopexy, is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US that effectively treats saggy and hanging breasts. Saggy breasts appear aesthetically unpleasant. When the breasts become saggy, it makes women look aged and leads to lower self-confidence. Many factors can cause the breasts to become saggy, including pregnancy and breastfeeding, drastic weight fluctuations, aging, genetics, and gravity.

Even though the breast lift has an excellent record of delivering effective and satisfactory outcomes, certain problems may happen after the procedure. It is invasive and involves the use of sophisticated surgical approaches. After the surgery, there is a risk your breasts may be asymmetric. When the breasts become asymmetric, they look aesthetically unwelcoming. In most cases, the asymmetry is temporary and your breasts will become balanced as you heal. However, the condition can also be permanent.


All about the breast lift

Many women considering the breast lift are curious about breast asymmetry after the surgery. If you want to understand why it happens and how it can be prevented or treated, you first need to know what the surgery involves.

The breast lift involves incisions on the breast. The type and size of the incisions depend on the severity of breast sagging and your aesthetic goals. After the incisions are made, the plastic surgeon will access the breast muscles or pectoral muscles through the incisions. If the muscles are separated from each other or have become weaker, the doctor will repair and tighten them.

Next, the doctor will remove the excess fat and skin from the breasts. If the nipples are pointing downward, the surgeon will remove and implant them higher on the breasts where they look aesthetically appealing, perky, and youthful. Next, if the areola has widened, the doctor will excise the skin from areola’s edge to reduce its size. Lastly, the doctor will suture the breasts and close the incisions.

When it comes to the outcomes of the surgery, they will slowly emerge as time passes. For two weeks after the surgery, you must avoid physical activities and work and instead take sufficient rest. Do not sleep on your front during this time. After two weeks, you can restart your work, but it will take four more weeks for your breasts to heal completely. The results of the surgery will evolve in the next several weeks and even months. When the outcomes develop, your breasts will appear firmer, sexy, perky and youthful.

Asymmetric breasts after the breast lift

There is a risk that your breasts may appear irregular or uneven after the breast lift. Keep in mind that after the procedure, your breasts will experience swelling. The swelling is healthy and a symptom that shows your body is reacting against the surgical trauma. The post-operative swelling takes several weeks and months to vanish. If your breasts appear asymmetric after the surgery, you should consider getting a complete breast evaluation to diagnose the cause of the condition.

It is natural for the patients to be concerned when they see that their breasts are asymmetric after the surgery. However, you should not be too concerned because in many cases it is just the swelling that makes the breasts look asymmetric. Be patient, and your breasts will become symmetrical when the swelling disappears.


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