Attaining Facial Symmetry With a Facelift

Attaining Facial Symmetry With a Facelift

15th Apr 2014

Facial lifts (rhytidectomy) are a popular procedure choice for many reasons. The biggest reason of all is probably to erase signs of aging such as sagging or fine lines. Another reason may be that you have recently lost a significant amount of weight and want to firm the sagging skin. The benefit most people do not recognize until after their surgery however if facial balance or symmetry.

Having facial features line up on both sides of the face is one of the biggest beauty trends ever, and it won’t go away! Mankind loves symmetry – you see it in our buildings, formulas and how we dress and decorate our homes. So it is no upraise that a symmetrical face ranks up there too! People with symmetrical features are thought to be more attractive, successful, outgoing and happy from other people’s perspectives.

S how can a facelift help with facial balance? Well, a facelift is performed by your doctor pulling the skin on your face either up or back to tone and firm it. When this is done, the doctor will be sure that everything looks even on both sides. This means that your face will be evened out – even if it was crooked before. Your eyebrows will raise the same amount, the sides of your Louis will be pulled into the same position, and you will notice your hairline looking better too!

Facelifts can bring a lot of positives to your looks, and facial balance is one of them! Be sure to speak to your surgeon before a facelift if you are concerned about facial symmetry. You may even be able to use other facial procedures while getting your facelift to further enhance it! You can put your best face forward and build facial symmetry while still looking uniquely like you!

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