Avoiding physically demanding activities after breast augmentation

Avoiding physically demanding activities after breast augmentation

17th Dec 2019

Avoiding physically demanding activities after breast augmentation


Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most desired plastic surgery procedures in the world. Every day, thousands of women schedule their procedures with the aim of getting the breasts of their dreams: larger, rounder, fuller. 

Breast augmentation can be performed using two different procedures nowadays, and the indication towards one or the other will be made by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation, depending on your aesthetic goals and physical characteristics. It is important to understand that while breast implant surgery is associated with more risks than breast lipofilling, the results achieved are unparalleled. Also, it is important to keep in mind that there are more restrictions during the post-operative period for patients undergoing breast augmentation with implants. 

One of the most important instructions that patients must follow after undergoing breast augmentation is to avoid physically demanding activities. This is valid for patients who had both fat transfer and breast implants.

When it comes to breast implants, patients need to avoid even simple things such as stretching to reach the upper shelf in the pantry or closing the car door. Lifting the arms over the shoulders should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks as it can cause pain and other complications such as wound opening. Lifting heavy objects from the floor should be avoided by patients undergoing both procedures as it can lead to the shifting of the implants, wound opening, or the death of the fat cells. 

Avoiding physically demanding activities after breast augmentation is essential for the success of your procedure and to ensure you have a smooth and short recovery process. The instruction is to avoid any type of activity that can put pressure on the breasts or the pectoral muscle for the first two to three weeks after the procedure. But when it comes to more intense physical activities such as lifting heavy things, running, or other physical exercise, the recommendation is to resume them only with the plastic surgeon’s consent and after at least two months have passed. Resuming physically demanding activities can depend on how the healing and cicatrization process is going. In other words, some patients can resume physical activities sooner than others. 

However, there is another thing to keep in mind when you feel you are ready to perform physically demanding activities and the plastic surgeon has given you the green light for it. Remember that wearing a sports bra will help you sustain the results for longer and also ensure that your breasts have the support and compression they need during physically demanding activities. 

If your work responsibilities entail physically demanding activities, make sure to discuss the time you need to take off from work in detail with your plastic surgeon before scheduling the procedure. 

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