Awful complication of silicone injections in the buttocks

18th Oct 2018

In a bid to go with the big booty trend and enhance their body aesthetics, many women are taking extreme decisions like getting silicone injected into their buttocks. In order to save some dollars, they are completely ignoring their surgeons’ recommendations and warnings and exposing themselves to life-threatening risks.
There are two safer and popular procedures to add projection and shape to your rear ends; one involves the use of your own body fat, and the other involves the placing of prosthetic implants inside your buttocks. Both of these procedures have been studied and practiced for decades now. They are safer methods.
However, since fat transfer and butt implants are expensive, many patients go for the cheaper, illegal practice that involves injecting dangerous liquid silicone in the buttocks. The liquid silicone injections can cause a number of health complications like embolism, chronic discomforts, and granulomas. It can even lead to permanent disability and death of the patient.
In most cases, unlicensed practitioners on the black market perform silicone injection procedures. They don’t care about your health and aesthetics. Their only concern is to rob you off your hard earned money. When you get silicone injections, your buttocks may appear projected and beautiful in the start. After a few weeks or months, the side effects would start cropping in. In some cases, the side effects may take even years to transpire.
Most patients who have undergone silicone injections have complained of extremely burning sensations in different areas of their body and unbearable pain. Also, the liquid silicone can move to other areas of your body, triggering major health complications. There is no doubt that in the end, you will seek treatment to get rid of the side effects and unbearable symptoms of the silicone injection.
The difference between the liquid silicone injection and silicone butt implant is that the former is in liquid form and illegal, whereas the latter is FDA approved and comprises of a silicone shell prefilled with silicone gel. If you are considering buttock augmentation, never fall into the hands of black market operators.
Instead, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon and explore the safer options. Remember, you may save some money by getting silicone injections; however, the cost of treatment of the side effects of the silicone injection is far more expensive than undergoing safer procedures like butt implant surgery or fat transfer to the buttocks.

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