BBL recovery tips

04th Oct 2018

The Brazilian butt lift, also called fat transfer to the butt, is a major plastic surgery procedure that involves the use of your body fat to add projection and shape to your backside. The fat is removed from the localized areas of the body via liposuction and then injected into the butt, which helps make them shapelier.
Many patients ask how to recover quickly after the Brazilian butt lift. The first and most important piece of advice for quick recovery after the BBL is that you should take sufficient rest after the surgery. During the surgery, incisions are made on the fat donor sites and the tissues are tampered with. The surgery is traumatic. To heal smoothly and quickly after the operation, you must take enough rest for several weeks following the procedure. When you take rest, it gives your body enough time to recover from the surgical trauma.
Secondly, the compression garments must be worn for the period recommended by your surgeon. The compression garments are specially designed to speed up the healing process, reduce the post-operative swelling, keep the newly contoured butt intact, and enhance the results. Physical activities during the recovery period are the major causes of delayed wound healing after the Brazilian butt lift. You must avoid physically active movements for two weeks after the surgery and do not engage in physically demanding activities for six weeks after. Physical activities tend to result in wound opening, bleeding, and abnormal scarring.
Next, you must avoid sleeping on your back during the recovery period. Pressure applied to the butt can result in the death of the fat cells, which will not only delay the healing process but also nullify the results achieved. You must not sleep on your back for three weeks. To heal smoothly and quickly after the Brazilian butt lift, you must also follow the surgeon’s instructions. If the surgeon has told you to take certain medicines, you must take them.
Smoking is the primary cause of delayed healing after the Brazilian butt lift. If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking at least two weeks before the BBL and remain a non-smoker throughout the recovery period. Doing so will help you heal quickly after the BBL.

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