Bbl results

Bbl results

30th Nov 2019


The Brazilian butt lift is sought after nowadays and very popular among women who want to enhance the shape of their buttocks and also achieve a moderate augmentation without the risks associated with the use of gluteal implants. The Brazilian butt lift is safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and delivers impressive results, with the condition that the patient follows certain strict instructions during the recovery period.

BBL results are visible immediately after the procedure; however, the final results can take a few months to transpire.

During BBL, the plastic surgeon will harvest fat that is in excess in other areas of the body, process it, and inject the pure and healthy fat cells to the buttocks to create a better-looking shape and increase the volume. The fat cells are injected using a special syringe in different parts of the buttocks and in small quantity. Otherwise, they might die after the procedure.

The immediate period after the BBL is marked by swelling and bruising on the buttocks, so the results are not fully visible straight from the beginning. It can take weeks and even up to two or three months for the results to become final. During the first two months post-op, a certain percentage of fat will be reabsorbed by the body, so technically, the patient should expect to have a smaller butt a few months post-op than immediately after the BBL.

BBL results are not comparable with the results of implants. When implants are used, we are talking about a considerable increase in the projection due to the insertion of the implants in the upper part of the butt where the gluteal muscles are. The results of BBL are more natural looking and also the butt will feel more natural as we only use the patient’s own fat tissue. BBL results are an improved shape and rounder, more alluring buttocks, but the difference is not so significant in terms of augmentation. Also, keep in mind that with the BBL we can remodel the lower part of the butt and the sides as well, not only the upper part with the gluteal muscles.

BBL results can be successfully sustained over time without any touch-up injections if the patient is committed to avoiding weight fluctuations. Keep in mind that different factors that are working to change the appearance of the body in general such as aging, pregnancy and so on, could have a negative impact on the appearance of the buttocks as well. Generally speaking, the results of BBL are durable and easily sustainable if the patient has an active life with a balanced meal plan. 

We should also mention that the results achieved with the BBL can be improved or enhanced over time and the patient can undergo additional procedures over the years to achieve a more impressive augmentation with fat. 

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