BBL with fat transfer procedure and steps

18th Oct 2018

Fat transfer to the buttocks is one of the most popular and effective procedures that adds butt projection and enhances the shape of your buttocks. More Popularly known as the Brazilian butt lift, fat transfer to the buttocks involves four major steps:
1. Administration of anesthesia
2. Fat extraction
3. Fat processing
4. Fat grafting
Now let’s discuss these four steps in detail.
The fat transfer is an outpatient procedure that is normally performed under general anesthesia. After administering the anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will perform body-contouring liposuction on each fat donor sites to remove the excess fats. The surgeon makes a tiny incision on the fat donor sites that usually includes the abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, and upper back. A tumescent solution is introduced into the incision area. This helps the surgeon remove the fats easily with the least possible blood loss and pain. The surgeon will then insert a tiny hollow tube called a liposuction cannula inside the fat donor site through the incision. In a carefully controlled back and forth motion, the excess fat cells are dislodged from the surrounding tissues and removed with a special syringe or a low-pressure suction pump. The goal is to make sure that majority of the fat cells are removed alive and undamaged. The incision will then be sutured and closed. The same process will be performed on each fat donor site until the required volume of fat is extracted. The length of the procedure depends on the amount of fats that needs to be removed.

In the next step, the fats will be processed and purified. The fats will go through a decantation process to separate the healthy and live fat cells from the fluids, damaged fat cells, and other impurities. Only the best quality fat cells will be collected for transfer to the buttocks.

Finally, the purified fat cells will be grafted into the buttocks. This will be done using special needles. This step is critical to the achievement of the desired aesthetic outcomes. Plastic surgery is more than a science. It is also an art. The plastic surgeon will not only rely on his experience, knowledge, and skills but will also bring to play, his intimate understanding of the female body, his artistic sensibilities and his keen appreciation of beauty and sense of harmony and balance. In choosing your surgeon, you need to consider, not just his board certification, experience or skills, but also the artistic and aesthetic values he delivers for his patients.

After surgery, you will immediately notice some marked improvement in your buttocks. However, please note that final results of the intervention will gradually emerge as the post-surgical swelling and bruising disappear over the next few months of full recovery and healing.

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