Bed rest after breast implant surgery

Bed rest after breast implant surgery

03rd Dec 2020

Breast implant surgery is the breast augmentation method that is most commonly performed nowadays in countries all over the world, including the United States. It is true that the procedure boasts an impressive satisfaction rate and associated with few potential complications and risks when performed by a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon on a patient with a strong indication for the procedure and good health and emotional condition.

Many patients ask about the recovery period after breast implant surgery even from the initial consultation. They are concerned about the level of pain to be experienced and how much bed rest they need.

Generally speaking, patients undergoing plastic surgery don’t need a great amount of bed rest after the procedure. The patient is discharged within hours after the procedure, but only after making a complete recovery from the effects of the general anesthesia. This means that patients will get off the bed and walk in a matter of hours. The recommendation is for patients to start moving around after getting home from the hospital. 

Like any other type of surgery, the first few days post-op are associated with a more intense level of discomfort and even pain. Pain should be easily manageable with the help of analgesic medication. It is important for patients to take pain medication as well as antibiotics as prescribed by the plastic surgeon. Taking the medication will reduce the discomfort and alleviate the pain, and this will lead to increased functionality even from the early days of the recovery. When patients don’t take the pain medication, they tend to spend more time in bed, and this is something that can prolong the recovery process.

There are patients who ask why they should get off the bed, believing that bed rest will help with a faster and uneventful recovery. This is not correct. For a fast recovery, the patient needs to get active as soon as possible to allow metabolism to resume normal function. Also, the more often you get off the bed and walk around the room, the easier it will be to resume daily activities. Patients who follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon and don’t spend all the day in bed are reported to have a shorter recovery period compared to patients who get a lot of bed rest post-op. 

However, it is important to understand that resting is also essential after undergoing plastic surgery, especially a procedure so delicate as breast implant surgery. Make sure to get enough rest in the first few days post-op and follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon in terms of resuming daily activities. 

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