Before the butt implants surgery

Before the butt implants surgery

25th Feb 2019

Butt implant surgery is commonly performed nowadays in the United States. The procedure targets both male and female patients who want to improve the size of their buttocks by adding volume with gluteal implants. The implants used for butt augmentation are different from breasts implants, so make sure you get a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon to play out your procedure.

The plastic surgeon will talk to you during the initial consultation about the requirements of the pre-operative period. About a month before the procedure, you should start preparing for your surgery. This period is important as preparation is essential for the success of your surgery and also to help you have a smooth recovery period without any severe complications.

Before butt implant surgery, you will need to prepare yourself physically and emotionally, and also prepare your home for the recovery period.

When it comes to physical preparation, you should know that before surgery, you should be in your best form possible. This means you should avoid catching a cold or even a minor infection a month before the procedure as these might be causes for rescheduling the procedure. Pay attention to your environment and avoid all factors that could trigger a health condition. Moreover, as a part of the physical preparation, the plastic surgeon will also advise you to quit smoking, drink moderately, and keep a balanced eating regimen with plenty of vitamins and minerals and rich in nutrients. Also, make sure to rest before the procedure as this will prepare the body for the surgical trauma that will occur.

The emotional preparation before surgery is also important. The patient needs to visualize the results of the procedure, get used to the idea of an enhanced butt, and keep a positive frame of mind. If you have concerns about the surgery that won’t let you sleep at night, make sure to address them with the plastic surgeon before the procedure.

Your friends and family should be aware of the fact that you are undergoing surgery. The procedure is quite complex, and during the recovery period, you might need help around the house with the chores. Keep in mind that after the procedure, you will need someone to drive you home from the medical facility as you won’t be able to drive. Driving is to be avoided for at least another week after the procedure, and this is when you can ask your friends or family members for help.

House preparation is another thing you should do before surgery. The first week after the procedure can be associated with a certain level of pain and discomfort, so make sure you have everything you need in the house. This means that it is ideal to go food shopping before the surgery and also get the medication prescribed and pillows for the buttocks.

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