Belly button after tummy tuck

08th Feb 2017

One of the main concerns of patients whenever they undergo a tummy tuck is the look of the belly button. Due to weight gain and pregnancy, the belly button can get distorted for various reasons. For starters, you can have hernia. The belly button can also be stretched significantly, making it look aesthetically unpleasant. When performing tummy tucks, one of the things that should be given careful attention is the belly button due to its position at the center of the abdomen. Some surgeons disregard the belly button when performing a tummy tuck, causing it to look distorted after operation. Post-surgery they tend to look round, large, stretched, and hollow. While abdominal scars can be hidden underneath clothes, a distorted belly button is difficult to conceal. However, they can be easily recreated by fixing the abdominal flap that causes the distortion, as well as adjusting the depth to make it look more natural. Paying attention to the belly button is crucial when it comes to determining the success of a tummy tuck.

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