Benefits and risks of breast lift

Benefits and risks of breast lift

20th Mar 2021


Aging and factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations introduce undesirable changes to the female body. One of the conditions that many women suffer from is breast sagging. The breasts become saggy as a result of the weakness of the skin elastin and separation of the breast muscles. The breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure that treats saggy breasts, restoring them to be firmer and youthful again. 

Many women with saggy breasts choose to get a breast lift. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon restores the firmness of the breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the breast muscles. If required, the nipples and areolas will also be reshaped to make them look youthful. The procedure has many benefits, but it also comes with many risks. Below are the risks and benefits of the breast lift to help you make a wise decision. 

Benefits of the breast lift

–    Firmer and perky breasts

The main benefit of the breast lift is that it treats saggy breasts and effectively makes them firmer and perky again. The plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and then tighten the loose and separated breast muscles before removing the surplus skin from the breasts. As a result, the breasts become firmer and youthful. The breast lift has a history of effectively enhancing the breasts and making them tighter. However, you must maintain a stable weight and avoid pregnancy after the surgery to retain the achieved improvements. 

–    Improved nipple projection

Secondly, the breast lift also improves the projection of the nipples. If your nipples are pointing downwards, they will make you look aged and less attractive. During the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will use a smaller incision to reposition the nipples. He will place the nipples higher on the breasts so that they can look perky and youthful. After the procedure, the nipples will point forward and look sexy. This will help improve your overall body anatomy as well. 

–    Improved breast shape

While the primary goal of the breast lift is to make the breasts firmer, the operation can also make the breasts shapelier. When excess skin is removed from the breasts, the muscles are tightened and the nipples are raised to make the breasts look shapelier and aesthetically welcoming. In case there are stubborn fat deposits that is affecting the breast shape, the plastic surgeon will remove that fat and reshape the breasts. The contour of the breasts will improve as a result. 

–    Decreased under-breast irritation

Most patients undergo the breast lift to improve the firmness of the breasts, but some patients also go for it because of the irritation caused under the breasts. When the breasts become severely saggy and hang loose, it can trigger irritation under the breasts. The irritation can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, if the condition is not treated, it can even lead to infection in the skin under the breast. The good news is that you can get rid of the irritation and the possible infection by getting a breast lift. The breast lift will tighten the breasts, and there will be little or no skin-to-skin contact between your breast and the skin under it. 

–    Improvement of your overall body definition

The breasts are the most critical aesthetic areas of the female body because they define your femininity, physical beauty, and overall body outline. No matter how attractive your body outline, saggy breasts can make you look aesthetically unwelcoming. The breast lift can make the breasts firmer again, which will help improve your overall body outline as well. In other words, harmony will be achieved between your other physical features and the breasts, which will make you look younger and beautiful.

–    Increased self-esteem

Women are incredibly conscious of their body, and aesthetic flaws can cause self-esteem issues for them. Since the breasts are the most critical aesthetic area of the female body, saggy breasts lead to lower self-esteem for many women. The main reason why many women undergo the breast lift is because they want to get back their self-esteem. The good news is that you can get higher self-esteem after the breast lift. When the breasts become firmer and your overall body outline improves, you will feel a gradual improvement in your self-esteem, which will in turn improve your quality of life. 

–    Improved sex life

The breasts are the most sexualized areas of the female body. They signify your fertility and femininity. Moreover, men are obsessed with female breasts and prefer to mate with women who have youthful breasts. If your breasts are saggy and the condition is affecting your sex life, you can have better sexual experience by undergoing the breast lift. The breast lift makes the breasts perky and youthful, which can help improve your sex life. 

Risks of breast lift

–    Anesthesia risks

The breast lift is invasive and traumatic. It involves incisions on the breasts and tampering with your breast tissue. It is for this reason that the surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The use of general anesthesia ensures that you are comfortable and fully asleep during the operation. You will not make movements or remember as to how the surgery was performed. The use of general anesthesia also comes with risks. It is essential to administer the anesthesia correctly and in a proper amount. You can decrease the risk of anesthesia by making sure that a board-certified anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia. 

–    Bleeding

The second risk associated with a breast lift is bleeding during and after the surgery. There is a risk that you may bleed excessively during or after the surgery. This risk is higher for patients with diabetes and those who are careless during the recovery period.

–    Infection

Another significant risk linked with breast lift is infection. Like all invasive procedures, there is a risk that you may contract possible infection after the surgery because incisions are made on the breasts. If your immune system is weaker, the risk of infection will be higher for you. To prevent infection, most surgeons prescribe antibiotics.

–    Breast asymmetry

If your surgeon is experienced and board-certified, your breasts will become symmetrical after the surgery. However, there is still a rare risk that some patients may get unbalanced breasts. For example, one of the breasts may be firmer than the other or one may appear large or smaller than the other. 

–    Change or loss of nipple sensation

There is also a risk that you may experience a change in or lose your nipple sensitivity after the breast lift. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon makes incisions on the breasts. During this process, the nerves may be injured or damaged, which can lead to a change or loss of your natural breast sensation. The good news is that in most cases this change or loss is temporary. The nerves will regenerate and you will slowly get back your natural nipple sensitivity. However, in case of a severely damaged nerve, the change or loss of nipple sensation may be permanent. 

–    Abnormal scarring

The breast lift involves incisions on the breasts, and the incisions gradually change into scars. Scarring is unavoidable and is a tradeoff for the improvements you achieve in your breasts. In most cases, the scars develop normally and fade over time. However, in rare cases, the scarring may happen abnormally and you may end up getting raised, rough, and swollen scars on the breasts that look highly visible and aesthetically unwelcoming. 

–    Poor or slow wound healing

Another risk associated with the breast lift is slow and poor healing of the surgical wounds. This risk is higher for patients with diabetes. Slow and poor wound healing can compromise the results of the surgery. 

–    General dissatisfaction with the results

Even though most women who got the breast lift report being satisfied with the results, there is still this risk that you may have a general dissatisfaction after the procedure. This is more likely when you have an unrealistic and unreasonable goal. 


The breasts are by far the most critical areas of the female body because it signifies their femininity and physical beauty. They are also the most sexualized areas of the female body. For these reasons, women desire to have firmer and perky breasts. However, female breasts do not remain youthful throughout one’s life. Factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, gravity, etc. take a toll on the female breasts, making them saggy. The breast lift can restore your firmer and youthful breasts effectively. However, it is vital for patients to understand the risks and benefits of the operation before deciding to go under the knife. I have discussed the risks and benefits of the procedure in this article, and I hope it helps you make a better decision. 

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