The benefits of combining plastic surgery procedure in one intervention

The benefits of combining plastic surgery procedure in one intervention

14th Aug 2017

There are many kinds of plastic surgery that can be done to the body in order to make it look better. Some people do the surgeries one at a time, while there are also others who do a combination of the procedures in one go. The combination of plastic surgeries such as the mommy makeover or a total body contouring has several benefits, which is why it is popular.

  • Minimize Use Of Anesthesia: One of the benefits of doing combined plastic surgery procedures at once is that there is less exposure to anesthesia. The use of anesthesia in any surgery is risky because you can’t really predict which adverse effects the use of anesthesia could lead to. By combining the procedures, anesthesia would only be administered once to the patient instead of having it for every other procedure. This is much less as compared to using anesthesia each time you go through a different plastic surgery. If several parts of your body need to be worked on or you need different types of surgeries, it is best to combine them if you want to reduce your exposure to anesthesia.
  • One Time Recovery Period: When you have different plastic surgeries combined, you just have to go through the recovery period once. Some people think that more surgeries done to the body is synonymous to longer recovery periods. This isn’t really true because the body can heal in multiple areas at the same time. You just have to provide the body with the essential nutrients that it needs for it to properly heal. You also need to monitor your body closely while healing so that you can identify and remedy any complication that may occur. Having a one-time recovery period also means lesser number of days off work. It can also mean that you can resume your regular activity sooner.
  • Overall Cost Is Lessened: If you add the cost of each and every surgery you would like to get and compare it to the price of a combined one, you will see that you can save more if you get the combined one. This is because you only need to pay once for certain common expenses of various surgeries. One of the things that you pay for during surgery has something to do with the administration of anesthesia. In a combined procedure, you only need the anesthesia once, and that lessens the cost. The fees for your room or the use of the surgical facility are also lessened because of the one time use.

The combination of plastic surgeries in just a single intervention is both time and cost efficient. These combination procedures are great when there are multiple changes that you plan to have and don’t have enough time or money to do them one by one. Examples of the combination surgical procedures with one-time intervention include tummy tuck and liposuction, tummy tuck and breast enhancement, total body contouring, mommy makeover, and many others. It is best to contact your local and trusted surgeon to consult and discuss possible combined plastic surgery procedures they can do for your body.

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