Benefits of having bigger buttocks

Benefits of having bigger buttocks

01st Jul 2021


If you have smaller or flatter buttocks, chances are you are already craving to get bigger and fuller buttocks. Bigger buttocks come with many benefits, which is why tens of thousands of women undergo buttock augmentation surgery in the US each year. 

Not all women get bigger buttocks naturally, and that is where the butt augmentation surgery comes in to help. Women are susceptible when it comes to the size and aesthetic features of the booty. Smaller buttocks affect the self-esteem of many women. Buttock augmentation surgery can help enhance your buttocks by making them bigger, shapelier, and fuller.

Having a bigger butt makes you look more feminine and aesthetically welcoming. It also makes you look more fertile and socially active. Bigger buttocks improve your posture and mobility, besides enhancing your silhouette. Furthermore, bigger buttocks indicate that you can produce intelligent offspring. Below are the benefits of having a bigger butt.

It makes you look more feminine and aesthetically appealing

Women desire to have bigger buttocks because buttocks signify their femininity. Bigger buttocks make you look more feminine and fertile. Most women lose their fuller buttocks as they age because aging is the leading factor that leads to shrinkage of the buttocks. Younger women have fuller and prominent buttocks because during young age, the female body produces higher estrogen. Estrogen determines where the excess fat in the body gets stored. Higher estrogen levels concentrate the storage of excess fat in the buttocks, which makes the buttocks bigger, sexy, and voluptuous.

On the other hand, as you age, the estrogen level in the body naturally collapses. As a result, the excess fat in the body gets stored in the abdomen, sides, flanks, and love handles, instead of the derriere. This makes the buttocks smaller and aesthetically unappealing. Buttock augmentation surgery can increase your buttock size by either using the excess fat in your body or by putting artificial objects such as implants into the buttocks. As such, you will regain your feminine and aesthetically appealing features. 

It makes you biologically more attractive

There is no doubt that men prefer to mate with women with bigger buttocks because this feature enhances the looks of the curvature of the spine. This has already been proven by many evolutionary studies. As such, having bigger and fuller buttocks is an extremely desirable trait. Men are naturally inclined towards women with bigger buttocks because prominence of the buttocks makes women look sexier. It also indicates that you are more capable of satisfying your partner and giving birth to smarter kids without much difficulty. A curved spine shows that you are at lower risk of pregnancy-induced injury. Furthermore, it shows that you have enough nutrition to feed your baby when he or she arrives. 

It improves your overall body outline

The buttocks also play a crucial role in defining your body outline and silhouette. Smaller and flatter buttocks affect your body outline in negative ways. Women with smaller buttocks often tilt their hips forward and stick the tailbone outside. As a result, the abdomen bulges forward to provide you the delusion of a gut. Bigger buttocks can help fix the overextension of the spine so that you can be prevented from pushing your hips under your body and keep an all-around leaner appearance. 

Bigger buttocks also improve the associated features of your body. It makes your body look curvaceous, sexy, smooth and toned. This is yet another main reason why so many women with smaller buttocks are undergoing buttock augmentation surgery. After the procedure, you can expect to get these attractive features in your body and have a beautiful body outline. 

Bigger buttocks improve your mobility and posture

Women with smaller buttocks exhibit poor posture and face mobility issues. When your derriere is too feeble to drive your legs onward when you walk, the smaller muscles come to the rescue. As a result, you will feel discomforts and tension in your back, knees, and hips. This makes it difficult to walk and engage in physical activities. Also, you may experience problems running and bending during sports and other recreational, physical activities. 

Furthermore, tightness in the hips, which is an unavoidable outcome of extra sitting, often makes it hard for the patient to sit and stand properly. On the other hand, women with bigger hips are able to maintain proper posture and engage in physical activities without difficulty. Bigger buttocks help stretch your hip flexors and put every element in balance and correct position, which eliminates the discomforts and enables you to have a proper posture. 

If your buttocks and smaller, flatter, or weaker and you are having difficulty marinating proper position and moving around, you may consider getting buttock augmentation surgery. After the procedure, you will be able to walk, stand, and sit properly without any difficulty.

You’re more intuitive than women with smaller buttocks

Many studies have already been conducted to find a linkage between the intuitiveness of women and their buttock size. Studies have found that women with bigger buttocks are more empathetic than those with smaller buttocks. These women easily adjust to the feelings of people right after hitting adolescence. 

Moreover, there is a connection between emotional intelligence and the size of the buttocks as well. Women with bigger and fuller buttocks and smaller waists attract many men than those with smaller buttocks and bigger waists. As such, they use excellent social skills to evaluate and choose their mating partners. What this means is that if your buttocks are smaller, you can undergo butt augmentation surgery. As a result, you will be able to attract more men and be more intelligent when selecting your partner. 

Big booties breed smarter kids

It has also been found that women with bigger buttocks produce intelligent offspring. The fat in the buttocks and thighs contain a distinctive omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for breeding smarter kids. What this means is that when you breastfeed your baby, your body uses the fat stored in the buttocks to make the milk more nutritious. Infants use a particular kind of fat for the development of the brain, eyes, and other organs. As such, women with bigger booties are capable of breeding intelligent babies. 

If your buttocks are smaller, you may look less appealing to men because, in the back of their minds, they may assess and assume you are not capable of producing smarter kids. In such a condition, you can undergo buttock augmentation surgery. When the buttocks become more prominent, you will appear to have the capability to produce intelligent offspring. As such, more men will be interested in you.

Men love women with bigger buttocks

Men find more sexual pleasure when they mate with women having bigger, fuller, and shapelier buttocks. It makes you look sexier and makes sex a fantastic experience for your partner. The aesthetics of bigger buttocks provide a better view of men, primarily when you engage in sexual intercourse during doggy style. For this reason, men are more inclined to have sex with women having prominent buttocks. 

Women with bigger buttocks are socially intelligent

Another significant benefit that women with bigger buttocks enjoy is that they are socially more intelligent. Since bigger buttocks make them more appealing, they always remain at the center of attention during social gatherings and events. Their aesthetic features make them look more attractive, which in turn improves their social life. They feel more confident in social settings and are able to make friends more effectively, besides being able to select better mating partners. So if your buttocks are smaller and you feel less confident and less attractive in social settings, you may undergo buttock augmentation surgery to enjoy the social benefits of having bigger buttocks.

Having bigger buttocks can improve your self-esteem and quality of life

Women with smaller buttocks experience lower self-esteem. As such, their quality of life is also negatively affected. On the other hand, women with fuller and shapelier buttocks exhibit higher self-confidence and enjoy a better quality of life. They are more successful in their personal as well as professional lives. Women with bigger buttocks excel in certain professions and are able to climb the corporate ladder quickly and effectively. They also make more income than women with smaller buttocks. In case your buttocks are smaller, you can undergo buttock augmentation surgery to improve your self-esteem and quality of life. 


There are many reasons why women with smaller buttocks envy those with bigger buttocks. Smaller buttocks can affect your life in negative ways. They come with many disadvantages. On the other hand, having a bigger butt comes with many benefits. I have explained those benefits in this article. If your buttocks are smaller and you want to enjoy the life that women with bigger buttocks have, you may get  buttock augmentation surgery. Buttock augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that improves the size and anatomy of the buttocks. However, be sure to consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in buttock augmentation. 

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