Benefits of the combined surgery of breast lift and breast implants

Benefits of the combined surgery of breast lift and breast implants

08th Oct 2019



Are you feeling insecure about the appearance of your breasts? Well, you are not alone in this. Hundreds of thousands of women get plastic surgery each year to enhance their breasts. Two of the prevailing aesthetic flaws that most women experience are saggy and smaller breasts. There is no doubt that saggy and smaller breasts look aesthetically unappealing. Many factors cause the female breasts to become saggy, and the beauty standards for women are that they should have firmer, youthful, and fuller breasts.

If your breasts are saggy and small at the same time, you may consider getting a combo of breast lift and breast implants. The combined operation not only makes your breasts firmer again but also makes them bigger and sensuous. There are many benefits of the combined surgery. 


What are the benefits of the combo procedure?

The breast lift and breast implant combo surgery come with immense benefits. If you are considering introducing holistic and all-encompassing improvements to your saggy and small breasts, it’s time you should get the combo procedure. You can opt to get the procedures at different times but keep in mind that doing so will come with more disadvantages. The benefits of getting the combined procedure at the same time are explained below:


Achieving multiple goals

When you undergo the combo operation, you are achieving multiple aesthetic improvements in a single go. The breast lift is developed to enhance your saggy breasts by making them firmer, perky, and youthful. On the other hand, breast implant surgery can make your breasts bigger. However, you should consider this operation after thinking it thoroughly because it is more invasive and comes with many side effects and risks.

You should get this procedure only when your saggy and small breasts are affecting your self-esteem and you desire to have firmer and bigger breasts. Both the breast lift and breast implant surgery have an excellent history of safety and delivering effective outcomes. The breast lift enhances your saggy breasts by tightening the breast muscles, removing the excess skin from the breasts, and lifting your nipples. On the other hand, breast implant surgery makes your breasts considerably large by inserting foreign implants inside the breasts. 


Single downtime

Whether it is the breast lift or the breast implant procedure, both involve downtime. Many patients often underestimate this. However, the fact is that both procedures are highly invasive and the patient is required to take time off work for the surgery and recovery. While the operation takes a few hours and is usually performed on an outpatient basis, the patient must avoid work for at least two weeks after each surgery to recover smoothly and safely. 

What this means is that when you undergo the breast lift and breast implant surgery at different times, you would have two downtimes. With each operation, you will be required to avoid work for at least two weeks. On the other hand, when you get both procedures in a single session, you will be having an only downtime of two weeks. You will be saving two weeks’ absence from work by undergoing the procedures in a single go. 


Relatively lower cost of surgery

When you get the breast lift and breast implant surgery at separate times, you would be paying the fees two times. Keep in mind that both of these procedures are elective because they are cosmetic and not required medically. As such, they are costly. But when you get the operations at different times and in separate sessions, you would be paying a considerable sum of money. The cost of the surgeries comprises of the surgical facility’s charges, anesthesia, medications, any other item used during the operation, and your plastic surgeon’s fees. Undergoing both of these surgeries in separate sessions means that the cost will be incurred twice. 

The benefits of getting both procedures at the same time can save you a considerable sum of money because all the costs would not be incurred twice. Also, the plastic surgeon will charge you separately for both procedures. His fees will go up a bit because of the time it takes to perform the combined operation. However, keep in mind that the combined procedure would include the cost of the implants. If you think that you can’t afford to get the combo procedure, you can ask your surgeon if there is a financing option available. Most surgical facilities and plastic surgeons do offer flexible financing options for patients. 


Single recovery period

Even though these procedures may seem straightforward to you and you may assume that you can get back to your normal life after the operation, the fact is that both procedures involve incisions, trauma, and risks. It is for this reason that patients are advised to go through a complete recovery process. During the recovery process, your breasts will heal, the swelling will subside, and the breasts will take the desired shape and size.

However, when you decide to get breast implant surgery and the breast lift at separate times, then you must be ready for two different recovery periods. After each operation, you will be required to go through complete recovery. The primary recovery period for both procedures is two weeks post-op, whereas full recovery in both cases takes six weeks. The benefit of getting both procedures in a single surgical session is that you would not be required to have a recovery period two times. Also, the recovery period of the combined procedure will remain the same, i.e., two weeks for primary recovery and six weeks for full recovery.

The recovery period is essential in that it gives your breasts the time to heal and recuperate from the trauma they have gone through. You must take sufficient rest during the first two weeks following the combo procedures. Do not sleep on your front or apply any pressure to the breasts. Also, make sure to wear the surgical compression bras for the time recommended by your doctor. You must avoid work and other physical activities and instead rest in bed and focus on your recovery. After two weeks, you may resume work; however, do not do anything that applies pressure to your breasts. 


Circumventing double trauma 

The breast lift and breast implant surgery are traumatic procedures, no matter if you undergo them at separate times or in a single session. Both procedures involve incisions and trauma to the breasts. When you undergo the procedures at different times, you would be experiencing surgical trauma with each procedure. During the recovery period after each procedure, you will suffer emotional trauma as well. You will feel overwhelmed and feel pain in your breasts.

The benefit of getting both procedures in a single session is that you would circumvent one of the traumatic situations in your life. You would have only one-time experience of surgical trauma. The combined procedure will save you from another injury that would otherwise come with the second procedure. Also, the combined trauma of both procedures is not as severe than when you get both procedures separately. The pain and trauma would be the same as with a single operation.


How is the combined surgery performed?

The combo of breast lift and breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After a board-certified anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts. He will then tighten the separated breast muscles and insert the implants into the breasts. Once the implants are put in the desired place and position, the plastic surgeon will lift your nipples by repositioning them on the breasts. He will then excise the excess skin from both breasts. If your areolas are wider, the surgeon will trim the excess skin from them to make them smaller.

In the last step, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The recovery period will begin right after the procedure and continue for many weeks. The results will gradually become visible as your breasts heal, the post-operative swelling disappears, and the implants drop into place. Once the results emerge, your breasts will become firmer, perky, and bigger. 



While many women either have saggy breasts or smaller breasts, there are others who have both saggy and small breasts at the same time. If your saggy and small breasts are affecting your life and you want to get firmer and bigger breasts, you may consider getting the combined procedure of breast implants and breast lift. The combo procedure comes with many benefits that have been explained above. Be sure to do your research and know the benefits of the procedure before making a decision. A board-certified plastic surgeon is your best resource to go to in determining your candidacy for the combo of breast implants and breast lift surgery. 


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