Best butt augmentation method for thin people

Best butt augmentation method for thin people

09th Apr 2018

At present, the buttock augmentation surgery is commonly done to help more people become more confident in their buttocks. Buttock augmentation can be achieved through the Brazilian butt lift method, which transfers fat from other areas of the body into the buttocks, or through the use of implants.

Although many love the Brazilian butt lift, it is not suitable for all body types. If there is not enough fat in the body to transfer to the buttocks, then the client is left with one other option. The use of butt implants to augment the buttocks is perfect for thin people. No matter how thin they are, they are eligible for this kind of augmentation procedure.

The butt implants available today are mostly made of a semi-solid silicone rubber, which may last a lifetime. This is more durable than the material used in breast implants. The most frequently used style is Style 3, which is a round and non-directional implant.

Aside from the two methods, there is another method that has been used for buttock augmentation, but it is considered dangerous and illegal. This procedure involves the injection of filler substances directly to the buttocks. The fillers used are not regulated and their exact components are untested, which is why their safety is highly questionable. It is also impossible to completely remove them once they have been injected into the patient’s body.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The buttock augmentation procedures that are available today are the use of butt implants and the transfer of fat from other areas of the body to the buttocks. Both of these procedures can help reshape the buttocks to make them look rounder and with much more volume.

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular surgical procedure for augmenting the buttocks because surgeons can reshape the buttocks just by making use of fat. The injection of fat is just half of the shaping procedure. It all begins with the liposuction of other parts of your body in order to obtain a sufficient amount of fat. The liposuction of fat is also carefully done in order to properly shape and contour those areas of the body. Typically, the fat will come from the mid-section and when it is properly done, it will result in a slimmer waist. This will wonderfully accentuate the new shape and size of the buttocks after the procedure.

Consequently, many patients typically choose the Brazilian butt lift is typically because it is a safe procedure that uses the patient’s own fat. It is minimally invasive because only small incisions are made for the liposuction process. Furthermore, only small injection marks are made on the buttocks where fat is injected. Unfortunately, not all patients who want their buttocks augmented can choose this kind of procedure. It is only performed when the patient has enough fat in the body to result in an effective augmentation of the buttocks.

Butt Augmentation With Implants

For those who still desire to augment their buttocks, but are too thin to go through the Brazilian butt lift, then implants are the best solution. This type of surgery is also chosen for those who want a more prominent augmentation, which they cannot get with the fat transfer procedure alone.

There are different butt implant sizes that can be used to reshape and increase the size of the buttocks. It is also possible for the butt implant procedure to be combined with the Brazilian butt lift for an even bigger derrière. Sometimes surgeons would also suggest getting the implants and then layering it with fat so that the implants would not be as palpable.

Butt Implants

The use of butt implants has been around since the 1960’s. Since then, different butt implants were used and developed. Today, butt implants are mostly made of a semi-solid silicone rubber. Unlike the breast implants that are made of gel, semi-solid silicone implants do not rupture as easily and they can handle the pressure for far longer than their gel counterparts.

There are 4 styles of butt implants available today, but the most common style is known as Style 3. It is a round and non-directional implant so there is no need to be apprehensive about it rotating and causing a weird shape. However, the use of the other styles will depend on the condition of your buttocks.

Butt augmentation through the use of implants is a difficult surgery and should only be performed by a certified surgeon. By working with a licensed and experienced surgeon, the patient lessens her risks of developing unwanted results and dangerous complications.

Filler Injections For The Buttocks

Some people claim that another way of augmenting the buttocks is by simply injecting it with filler substances. This is a very dangerous procedure and it is not recommended. These fillers are not FDA approved, thus, they are not regulated. Their content and the safety of having them injected into the buttocks are questionable. While the ingredients of the fillers may be listed, no one can be certain if the listed ingredients are true or if they are even safe. In addition, these substances are likely to cause an infection, and they are very difficult to remove once they are injected.


Buttock augmentation is a common surgical procedure that many people want to have because they aspire to have better-looking buttocks and through surgery, this is possible. Patients can choose buttock augmentation through fat transfer or implant surgery.

An implant surgery is best for those who are thin because they do not have enough fat to go through the Brazilian butt lift. The implants that will be used will be made out of a silicone rubber, which is semi-solid and unlikely to burst like breast implants that are made of a silicone gel.

There is another method that can augment the buttocks, but surgeons highly advise against it. The procedure involves injecting fillers directly into the butt. The fillers used are not regulated and they can cause harm to the body. It is also impossible to completely remove the substances once they are injected into the body. Therefore, the two recommended options are the ones that will successfully give you the results you desire.

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