Best candidates for fat transfer to the butt

Best candidates for fat transfer to the butt

02nd Oct 2021

Butt augmentation with implants has made it to number six on the top ten most performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States. However, butt augmentation with fat transfer is just as popular nowadays and often performed on patients who are a suitable candidate for it.

Unlike butt implant surgery which can be performed on many types of patients, there are certain conditions that make women eligible for fat transfer to the buttocks. Among these criteria is the presence of excess fat tissue in other areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction.

To perform butt augmentation with fat transfer, the plastic surgeon will start with liposuction on the donor areas. This means that a hollow steel cannula is inserted in areas with fat in excess. These donor areas are often the flanks and the abdominal wall, but it can also be the thighs and back, depending on the patient’s predisposition to accumulate fat. 

After the donor areas are treated with liposuction, this fat is processed and the damaged fat cells, blood, and other impurities are removed to leave only the pure fat cells that will be reinjected into the buttocks in the last stage of the procedure. The reinjection is made with a special syringe, so the procedure entails limited scarring. This means that the best candidates for fat transfer to the buttocks are people who:

–    Don’t want to deal with significant scarring. After fat transfer, the scars are no longer than 3 to 4 mm and hidden in the natural folds of the body. The scars are present both on the donor areas and the buttocks.

–    Have a considerable amount of excess fat in other areas of the body. Butt augmentation with fat can’t be performed without the fat, and this fat needs to be harvested from the patient’s body. We can’t use fat from someone else for the transfer, not even if that person were the patient’s twin. This means that patients with no fat surplus in the body are not eligible to undergo fat transfer. For patients with an excess of fat, butt augmentation has multiple benefits as it sculpts the areas with fat aside from making the buttocks bigger. 

–    Are in good health and emotional condition. Just like any other plastic surgery, the patient should be in top condition to be eligible. Any health condition, even something as simple as a cold, could lead to the procedure being postponed. Make sure to pay attention to your diet and be careful with your health a month before the procedure so it can be performed on time.

–    With narrow hips. Butt augmentation doesn’t entail fat transfer to the hips, but an experienced plastic surgeon will advise patients with narrow hips to get this as well to enhance the shape of the body considerably.

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