Best methods to increase the size of the breasts

Best methods to increase the size of the breasts

18th Oct 2021

Women have been interested with methods to increase the size of the breasts for a very long time now, considering the fact that big, voluptuous breasts have been a symbol of femininity and associated with sex appeal since the dawn of time. This means that over the years, there have been all sorts of methods advertised as effective in helping women increase the size of their breasts. Among them are pills with estrogen from plants, massages, creams, and lotions. 

If you have a look online, you will notice that there are also plenty of physical exercise routines that are developed to help women get bigger breasts. Do they work? Well, if this would have been the case, then breast augmentation surgery wouldn’t be still be performed as it is more invasive compared to these other methods. 

If taking a pill every day would help women get bigger breasts, it is obvious that no one would be interested in getting implants that involve surgery with its specific risks and complications. However, the best and only methods to increase the size of the breasts are provided by plastic surgery. The procedures are breast implant surgery and fat transfer to the breasts. Breast implant surgery is the number one most performed plastic surgery procedure in the world, and this should say a lot about its popularity. Each year, women from all over the world resort to the procedure to get the breasts of their dreams. 

Breast implant surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia and entails incisions either on the areola, the inframammary fold, or the axilla. The type of implant to be used, as well as the placement of the implants and the type of incision, will be discussed and decided together with the plastic surgeon during the consultation that takes place before the surgery. 

Keep in mind that choosing the right type of implants is essential not only for the success of your surgery but your wellbeing in the long-term. Implants that are too big for your body frame can trigger complications later on, and this is the reason why so many celebrities have revision surgery to remove and replace the initial implants with smaller ones. A talented and experienced plastic surgeon will be able to guide you in choosing the implants and the other details of the surgery.

Fat transfer to the breasts is a relatively new procedure compared to breast implant surgery, which has been performed for more than half a century now. It makes use of the patient’s own fat tissue to augment the breasts. Fat is collected with liposuction, processed, and then reinjected into the breasts. The augmentation achieved is no more than half a cup to a full bra cup, so it is not a suitable method for someone wanting a considerable augmentation

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