Best plastic surgeon for the fat transfer to the butts

Best plastic surgeon for the fat transfer to the butts

14th Sep 2019


When it comes to plastic surgery and any type of surgery actually, it is normal for patients to want to get the best surgeon possible to perform their procedure. However, there are procedures when the experience of the plastic surgeon can make all the difference in between success and failure.

The fat transfer to the butts is a procedure performed with the aim of improving the aspect of the buttocks by adding more volume. Certain asymmetries and other imperfections of the butts can be corrected using this method and also the patient can achieve a moderate augmentation of the buttocks that is completely natural as it only uses the patient’s own fat tissue.

When the procedure is performed, it starts with liposuction that is required to collect the fat needed for the transfer. Once the first stage of the intervention is completed, the medical staff will prepare the fat for the transfer by a centrifugation process. The fat is then injected into the buttocks using special syringes inserted through small incisions made in the buttocks. 

If we had a look at the surgical plan that was explained above, it could look like the procedure is so simple that even an inexperienced surgeon can perform it successfully. But the appearances can be deceiving. 

The fat transfer to the butts, while a very simple and straightforward procedure, requires a level of mastery of the fat grafting techniques that are characteristics of few plastic surgeons in the United States or around the world for that matter. 

The best plastic surgeon for the fat transfer to the butts is a surgeon who is talented, experienced and board-certified. And by experience, we mean that it is preferable for the plastic surgeon to perform this procedure routinely as this is the only way to ensure getting better and better results in time. A plastic surgeon like we described can help you through the process of getting bigger, shapelier buttocks with the help of plastic surgery not only by performing a successful procedure but also with precious advice that will help you avoid complications.

Another important factor to consider when choosing the best plastic surgeon for your fat transfer to the butts procedure is his eyes for details and the aesthetics of the feminine body. Plastic surgery is more than following a surgical plan to the letter, and it is also about enhancing the features of the patient and achieving the most exquisite aesthetic results with the minimum changes. 

The fat transfer procedures have been performed for many years now, ever since liposuction started to see a rise in demand plastic surgeons have tried to use the fat collected with the procedure to augment other areas of the body. After being injected into the booty, the fat goes through a process which ends up with about 30% of the quantity injected being reabsorbed by the body and the rest developing a blood network that will ensure its long-term survival in the area. The best plastic surgeon will make sure that the amount of fat that stays in the buttocks after the procedure is as high as possible.


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