Best scar treatment after a full tummy tuck procedure

Best scar treatment after a full tummy tuck procedure

06th Sep 2017

A tummy tuck procedure is a major procedure and it produces a large scar that runs from one side of the hips to the other. After the procedure, the wound or suture is prone to tension. When severe tension is present, it is possible to have a larger and more prominent scar. The best way to treat scars is to prevent having a big one in the first place. Since tension is one of the reasons for having large and visible scars, patients are advised not to put too much tension on the wound while it is still healing.

One way of making sure that the wound or scar doesn’t stretch while it is still healing is to limit the movements. It is best not to stretch the back and just to sit down most of the time to decrease the tension on the wound. This is recommended for the first 12 weeks post surgery. This will result in a thinner scar that can be treated with scar treatments.

Some surgeons suggest the use of steri strips or tape in order to help minimize the tension in the scars and also to keep the pressure on it. This will result into a thin and flat scar. It also helps prevent the scar from opening or having a ropy appearance.

Proper wound care also affects the condition of the scar. In order to minimize scarring, you have to strictly follow the postoperative instructions of the surgeon. For some patients, however, no matter how strict they follow the instructions, they still end up having a large scar. This may be due to genetics or the medical conditions of the patients.

It is also best to keep the incision area clean to prevent an infection. An infected wound will lead to worse scarring. The sun exposure of your scar will also cause hyperpigmentation. It is therefore advised to keep your scar from being exposed to the sun for about a year.

If the scar appears, there are some commercially available products that can be used to lessen the appearance and visibility of the scars. There are topical products that can be used.

On the other hand, the patient may consider surgery to improve the scars altogether. The scar eventually fades over time, so it is best to wait. The scar revision surgery is only recommended for those who really have severe scarring. However, even with this procedure, the scar will not be completely removed. It can only remove the big scar, but a small scar will remain visible after the wound has healed. In some instances, it is also possible to have the same size of scar or even a bigger scar after the procedure, which is why it is advised for patients to weigh all the consequences carefully before undergoing a scar revision surgery.

There are also some surgeons who suggest steroid injections in order to lessen the scarring. Laser procedures have also been used as an alternative. As you can see, there are several ways to mitigate scarring. Having said that, the results of the available treatments vary, and they depend on the person being treated. You should carefully consider all of the options first before choosing any method as it may only worsen the scarring.

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