Big boobs or just moderate?

Big boobs or just moderate?

27th Oct 2018

The breasts can be confronted with different imperfections that make women from all over the world to look for help from plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their breasts. This can be anything from breasts that are too big or too small, asymmetrical, sagging, or damaged by trauma. Breast surgery is the solution that can meet the demands of women dissatisfied with their breasts for physical, psychological, or purely aesthetic reasons.

The reasons why women use breast enhancement procedures are various, such as restoring the beautiful appearance of the breasts after pregnancy, or significant weight loss or cancer. Even though the reasons why women undergo breast surgery are often purely aesthetic, this decision remains strictly personal. If it can make you feel more beautiful, more feminine or give you a boost of self-esteem, then why not say yes to surgery?

Once you have decided that breast augmentation is definitely the path for you, another issue comes to mind: how big should your breasts be after surgery? Big, huge, moderate?

In this article we will discuss making a choice in terms of the size of the breasts, but before anything else, let’s have a look at what breast augmentation is and what it entails.

Surgical options for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic or reconstructive surgery used to increase the volume and improve the shape of the breasts. It can be done by adding prostheses or by injecting fat into the breasts. The first solution remains the most common and most reliable today, and many people actually associate the idea of breast augmentation surgery with implants.

The implants used nowadays are completely safe and have FDA approval. I have been asked during consultations if the patient can get a personalized implant. It is important to know that there is no such thing as a personalized implant. The plastic surgeon doesn’t make the implants; he uses implants provided by different manufacturers. You can’t order a special type of implant with your name on it and have it delivered from the factory, but you can have customized implants as different patients will need different types of implants.

At the end of the day, everything depends on the desires of the patient and her anatomical characteristics. We have silicone implants or saline solution-filled implants that can come in different sizes, shapes, textures, and projections. Even if two patients have similar body characteristics, the implants recommended might still be different according to their needs and expectations. Some prefer their breasts to have a natural, tear-like shape and will use anatomically shaped implants. Others want roundness and fullness at the top of the breasts that comes only with using silicone implants with high projection. As you can see, the implants can be so different from patient to patient and should suit your particular characteristics.

What you should also know about breast implants is that they come with a ten-year warranty that can be extended in some cases. But this doesn’t mean that on the first day of the eleventh year you need to remove and replace them. You just need to pay special attention to the breasts and contact your plastic surgeon if you notice anything different.

Breast augmentation with implants is performed under general anesthesia for the patient’s comfort. In other words, you will feel no pain or discomfort during surgery and you are usually allowed to go home within hours from waking up if no complications occur.

Fat transfer or lipofilling of the breasts is a procedure that has started to gain popularity over the last few years. While the results can vary widely, the procedure is preferred by women who want only a slight augmentation or improvement in terms of breast shape. To perform this procedure, the plastic surgeon will start with a liposuction on areas of the body with an excess of adipose tissue.

Most often, liposuction is performed on the abdominal area. The fat goes through a complex purification process and is then injected into the breasts by using special syringes. For the fat transfer to be successful, it is essential to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who performs these types of procedures routinely. For the fat to be able to survive in the new environment, it has to be injected in different parts of the breasts and at different depths into the adipose layer of the breasts.

The procedure is also commonly performed under general anesthesia and the patient can leave the clinic within hours. It is important to mention that the recovery times are shorter when this surgical option is chosen.

Big, bigger, or just moderate?

It is also significant to note that a fat transfer can’t provide you with overly large breasts in just one session. Of course, you can choose to have fat injected into the breasts a few times per year; however, you might never achieve the same type of augmentation that could be done in less than an hour by using implants. This is important to know because there are patients asking to go from a B cup to an E cup with fat transfer. This is just not possible. Moreover, it is not recommended to try this change in one operative sitting, even if you are using breast implants.

There is a limit to the size of the breasts that you can achieve after surgery while still being in the safe zone. This means not triggering unwanted complications such as wound opening or implant palpability, and only the plastic surgeon can determine this after performing specific measurements on your breasts and thorax.

If you have a narrow back, your plastic surgeon won’t recommend huge implants as it might be possible for your breasts to be visible even from the back. Moreover, if you have a wide body frame and you are hoping for just a moderate enhancement, the plastic surgeon might recommend a larger implant size than what you had in mind. The first purpose of the breast augmentation procedure should be to harmonize the proportions of the body and make the breasts proportional to the rest of your features. Harmony can’t be achieved if the breasts are too big or too small compared to the rest of your body, and there are plenty of celebrities who had huge implants removed and replaced with smaller ones after realizing that disproportions are not appealing.

Big boobs are great in theory, but if the breasts are too much for your petite frame, you may experience the downsides of having large breasts such as back, neck and shoulder pain, difficulty in finding suitable clothing, and so on. However, this doesn’t mean it is wrong or not advisable to have breasts that are on the large side.

During the initial consultation, ask your plastic surgeon for recommendations and to give you a minimum and maximum volume for the breasts implants to choose from. If your limits are 350-500 ccs, make sure not to go higher as you might face unwanted consequences in the long run.

Moderately sized breasts can make for a beautiful natural result after surgery. You might be surprised to find out that most women undergoing the procedure are not hoping for huge breasts but for an augmentation of just one or two cups, such as from a B cup to a D cup. Most patients undergoing breast augmentation surgery are active in the professional field, and while a moderate augmentation would be beneficial for their body image, huge boobs could have the opposite effect.


When it comes to the size of the breasts, the most important thing you can do to ensure you get good results is to choose your surgeon well. Always opt for a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon who performs breast augmentations routinely. He will be able to make recommendations in terms of size, shape, texture, and projection so you can have your dream boobs without having to deal with the consequences of bad choices in breast implants.

The size of the implants should be recommended by the plastic surgeon after an assessment of your desires and physical characteristics. Getting breasts that are too large for your anatomy can trigger health complications like difficulty in breathing when sleeping on the back, difficulty in engaging in physical activities, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain.

Moderately sized breast implants are good options if you are aiming for a natural result and minimizing potential complications that can occur after surgery.

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