Big butt, bootie with plastic surgery

18th Oct 2018

Many patients desiring to undergo a buttock augmentation want to know exactly how big their butt will get after surgery. To perform the augmentation, we can use either butt implants or fat transfer to the buttocks.
Butt implants come in a multitude of sizes and shapes, so the patient has many options to choose from. Moreover, we can combine the two augmentation procedures to achieve superior results.
The sizes of butt implants start as small as 200 cc and can go up to 600 cc for each implant. However, the most frequently used sizes are from 400 cc – 500 cc.
When it comes to fat transfer to the buttocks, we can transfer 500 cc up to 1000 cc in each butt cheek. But to be able to transfer this much fat, the patient needs to have one or multiple donor areas so we can harvest the fat cells.
But what do these numbers mean when it comes to increasing the buttocks? If butt implants are used, the volume of the implant will be added to the buttocks, so your buttocks will be bigger with that amount. How it will look on your buttocks is a different question.
When choosing butt implants, it is important to follow the surgeon’s recommendation. Getting bigger implants that your anatomy requires can result in unsatisfactory results after surgery, not to mention other complications such as delayed wound healing or wound dehiscence. The skin tonus on your buttocks is also an important factor to consider when choosing the butt implants. If the skin has a good tonus, it might not be able to accommodate a bigger implant. But if the skin tonus is poor, this might mean that a larger implant can be used.
When considering the fat transfer to the buttocks, things are a bit different. Even if we inject 1000 cc of fat into each buttock, this doesn’t mean that all the fat will stay there. Up to 30% of the fat injected into the butt cheeks can be reabsorbed by the body in the months following the procedure. Moreover, not following the surgeon’s recommendations about post-operative care can cause the injected fat to die.
To be able to tell you how big your butt can get after a buttock augmentation, you need to undergo a physical examination to assess your skin condition, current anatomy, and goals.
To get the desired size, you will be required to follow the surgeon’s recommendation to the letter.

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