Big, saggy breasts: do i need a breast lift or reduction?

Big, saggy breasts: do i need a breast lift or reduction?

12th May 2019


Women with small breasts always find it difficult to believe that there is such a thing as a breast reduction surgery and women are willingly undergoing it. But big breasts are not necessarily a blessing and women with overly large breasts are very aware of this. There are numerous issues associated with having breasts that are too large compared to their anatomy. Some of the health conditions that can occur because of the excessive weight and volume of the breasts can influence the development of the patient on many levels. For example, let’s just consider how the spine is affected by the excessive pressure put on it by overly large breasts. Women with naturally overly large breasts often complain about back, shoulder and neck pain caused by the muscle contracture triggered by the excessive size of the breasts. An abnormal body posture can also occur due to the impact of the weight of the breasts on the spine. And these are just a few of the discomforts that women with overly large breasts are confronted with on a daily basis.

When trying to correct big, saggy breasts with the help of plastic surgery, many women don’t know whether they need a breast lift or a breast reduction. I often have patients requesting a breast reduction when all they need is a breast lift or asking for a breast lift when they would actually need a breast reduction. How can we tell which procedure is required?

Things are not complicated if we know what each procedure entails and after a proper medical examination of the patient.

First, let’s have a look at the breast lift. The surgery eliminates the excess of skin and fat tissue in the breasts. This means that the mammary gland stays intact and is just re-centered when this procedure is performed. After the surgery, there will be a slight decrease in the size of the breasts due to the elimination of the skin, especially if the breast ptosis was severe. When breast reduction surgery is performed, we are talking about an excess of mammary gland tissue, aside from the skin and fat tissues. This means that the plastic surgeon will eliminate the skin, fat and mammary gland tissue that are in excess. The reduction in the size of the breasts is more considerable, and depending on the initial volume of the breasts, the plastic surgeon can eliminate a few hundred grams or more of tissue from the breasts.

This means that if you have big, saggy breasts, you can be a good candidate for either the breast lift or breast reduction, depending on your goals. If you enjoy having big breasts and they are not a burden for you, a breast lift will make them perky again. If you are suffering due to the overly large size of the breasts, a breast reduction might be more suitable for your particular case.

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