Bigger and more contoured buttocks with plastic surgery

Bigger and more contoured buttocks with plastic surgery

08th Dec 2019


Plastic surgery is frequently used nowadays to enhance the appearance of different parts of the body, especially the breasts and buttocks. While the breasts have always been considered a symbol of femininity and sex appeal and many women have wanted to get bigger breasts since forever, the fascination with buttocks is new, but certainly here to stay. It is not only women who want better contoured, larger buttocks, but men also. A butt that is proportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy and without imperfections such as being saggy and flat is considered sexy and desirable. So there is no wonder why so many buttock procedures are performed every day all around the world. 

The procedures performed to correct different flaws of the buttocks are the butt lift, liposuction, butt augmentation with implants, and the Brazilian butt lift. Each patient has a recommendation for one procedure or the other depending on the anatomical characteristics and the goals he wants to achieve with the surgery.

When the aesthetic goal is bigger and more contoured buttocks, the solution recommended is often fat transfer. Fat transfer is a complex procedure also known under the name of butt lipofilling, the Brazilian butt lift, and fat grafting to the butt. It consists of a combination of procedures such as liposuction and fat transfer that are meant to change the fat distribution in the body. 

What does this mean? When the buttocks are contoured with the help of fat transfer, what happens is that the plastic surgeon will define some areas of the body where there is an excess of adipose tissue. These areas are treated with liposuction. The fat that is collected in this manner will undergo a thorough purification process that will eliminate the blood and damaged fat cells and leave behind just the healthiest and purest fat cells. It is only these fat cells that will be used for reinjection into the buttocks. When injecting fat into the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will address all areas of the buttocks – upper, lower and the sides to create a beautiful contour and volume in all the right places. While fat transfer seems like a rather straightforward procedure, the recommendation is to have it performed only by experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons who perform them routinely, otherwise there is a high risk of achieving unsatisfactory results or for the fat transferred not to survive in the new environment. 

Keep in mind that the results are final about three months after when the swelling and bruising have subsided and a certain percentage of fat is reabsorbed by the body. 

To have bigger and more contoured buttocks for longer, the recommendation is to avoid weight fluctuations, including an ulterior pregnancy and keep an active and balanced lifestyle. The fat that will survive after the first few months post-op will remain in the buttocks and will be just like the fat that was initially there. 

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