Bigger butts with fat grafting

Bigger butts with fat grafting

19th Feb 2019

Most of us dream of having bigger buttocks. When do we want them? Preferably right now. How do we want them? Completely natural looking! Is this possible? Some might laugh at this idea, but the reality is that this is no longer impossible since fat grafting procedures have been developed. The fat grafting procedure is also known under the name of fat transfer or lipofilling. What actually happens when this procedure is performed is that the plastic surgeon will use the patient’s own fat cells to increase the size of the buttocks and create a better shape and definition of the rear end.

Bigger buttocks are possible with the help of fat grafting. Moreover, the procedure is completely safe and can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other procedures such as butt implant surgery. Fat grafting can be used to better cover the gluteal implants. This happens when the patient doesn’t have enough fat for a considerable augmentation with only fat transfer or when the patient doesn’t have enough butt tissue to properly cover implants that are on the larger side.

While the procedure is 100% natural and entails little and insignificant risks and potential complications, the results achieved with fat grafting are not really comparable with the ones achieved when butt implant surgery is performed. When using implants to augment the buttocks, we have control over the augmentation because we control the volume of the implants. Once inserted, the implants will have the same volume forever. Things are different when the fat grafting procedure is used.

The procedure entails the use of liposuction to harvest fat cells from areas with an excess of adipose tissue. In a vast majority of cases, these areas are the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. The fat is collected with a tiny tube called a cannula and suctioned out of the body into a medical vacuum device. After the removal of the fat, it is processed to eliminate blood and other impurities and to prepare the fat for grafting. Healthy fat cells are then reinjected into different areas of the buttocks to create more volume and better shape and definition.

Keep in mind that while the improvement in the size and shape of the buttocks can be significant and impressive, the results achieved are dependent on the amount of fat that can be harvested. If the patient has little excess fat, the procedure won’t deliver impressive results. Moreover, you should also know that a certain amount (up to 40%) of the fat cells that were grafted into the buttocks might be reabsorbed by the body within the first two months following the procedure. The results achieved after fat grafting are considered final after three to six months after the procedure was performed.

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