Body image and plastic surgery

Body image and plastic surgery

01st Oct 2020

The way we look can affect us in more ways than one. It can affect how we behave, and it also can affect how other people treat us. There have been numerous studies all showing that people respond to how other people look, even when it comes to children. 

One particular, interesting study is a young girl dressed in nice clothes and looking clean, seemingly lost and asking people to help her. She got plenty of attention. The same little girl dressed in rags and not looking very clean barely sparked any interest. This is the reality we live in, and it is only natural for people to try to look their best. And it is not only about how others treat you, but also how we treat ourselves. When we look good, we tend to be more confident and sometimes success and opportunities are determined by our attitude and not necessarily the amount of work we put into it. 

When feeling less feminine because of a body imperfection such as small breasts, saggy breasts, a saggy tummy or unwanted adipose tissue in different areas of the body, women tend to isolate themselves and avoid social interactions. Many times I have patients coming to the practice saying they haven’t dated in a long time and want to start again. They tend to take themselves out of the spotlight when not feeling completely happy with the way they look. 

In most cases, patients seeking help from plastic surgery to correct imperfections or improve features of the body are right about the enhancement. This is the reason why the results achieved with plastic surgery can be spectacular and change a person considerably. But there are also people who have a dysmorphic body image and request plastic surgery when they don’t actually need it. These patients see more flaws than they actually have and tend to want to address more areas of the body and not just one. In many cases, they are unhappy with their whole body and not just with one area, finding invisible flaws that are really not there. 

It is important for the surgeon to properly assess each candidate before the procedure and make sure the patient has a realistic body image before going forward with plastic surgery. Patients with an abnormal body image are rarely satisfied with the results achieved with plastic surgery as their self-image is still distorted. This is the reason why a responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will avoid performing surgery on patients who don’t have a clear and adequate body image.

Also, it is important for patients to follow the recommendations and advice of the plastic surgeon. If the surgeon decides there is no need for surgery or that other procedures should be done, make sure you understand his point of view before proceeding.

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