Body Lift for a Better Body Contour

Body Lift for a Better Body Contour

10th Oct 2013

A Body lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that improves body contours. The skin loses elasticity as part of the normal aging process causing unsightly sagging of the skin. A body lift  or belt lipectomy removes loose skin as well as fat deposits, giving you a younger look.

Common areas for a body lift

The thigh is a common location for a body lift. The groin may sag towards the inner thigh and can benefit from the procedure. A belt lipectomy can also deal with uneven, flat, or low buttocks. Furthermore, the abdomen, waist, hips, and lower back are common areas for the procedure.

How is it done?

The actual procedure differs from one patient to the other. The technique depends on the patient’s body type as well as the desired outcomes. Generally, an incision is created in the thigh up to the waistline. In some procedures, the incision reaches the waist and even the lower back. Excess skin and fat are then removed. After removal, the skin is sutured following the desired contour.

Body lift and liposuction

There are still a lot of people who confuse body lifts with liposuction. By definition, liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat deposits. However, liposuction does not deal with poor skin elasticity. Thus, there are occasions when a body lift is combined with liposuction or vice versa so that both unwanted fat and sagging body contours are managed properly.

Despite the popularity of body lifts, there is no guarantee that the procedure will yield the results you want. The best way to increase the chances of getting good outcomes is to let a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and vast knowledge do the job. Dr. Wilberto G. Cortes is an expert in liposuction in Sugarland, Texas. Set up an appointment with Dr. Cortes to learn your options on how you can rejuvenate your figure and have a youthful look.

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