Body Lift Surgery for Excess Sagging Skin

Body Lift Surgery for Excess Sagging Skin

19th Nov 2015

SKIN-BURNING-SENSATION-AFTER-LIPOSUCTION-DUE-TO-GIRDLE-Skin is made up of multiple layers and has the ability to stretch and shrink over time,especiallyin cases such as pregnancy and childbirth. However, the suppleness of your skin decreases with age, and this is made worse by overexposure to the sun and poor nutrition. Hence, with age people tend to get wrinkles and loose hanging skin.

The amount of sagging skin you have depends on the elasticity of your skin. Obviously, this means that the older you are, the more likely you are to have drooping skin, and the condition will worsen if you are overweight and exercising to achieveinch loss. This is because obesity causes excessive stretching of the skin, and long periods of stretching cause the skin to lose its suppleness; fast weight loss does not give the skin enough time to spring back to its original tightness. The skin mayalso have stretchedto thepoint where it cannot return to its original shape. Think of pulling the two ends of a piece ofelastic. You can pull it out and it will spring back into a tight coil when you let go. But, if you pull it out too far and too quickly, it no longer springs back tight when you let go of the ends and remains slightly longer than it was originally. This is what has happened to your skin that results in those unsightly folds around your middle and other areas of loose skin.

The only solution to get rid of this loose sagging skin is surgery. A body lift procedure can give you a younger and smarter look thatwill do wonders foryour confidence. Log on to for detailed information about the body lift procedure and how you can benefit from it. For more information visit our website

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