Boost of self-esteem after plastic surgery

Boost of self-esteem after plastic surgery

09th Oct 2020

Undergoing plastic surgery and achieving satisfactory results has been associated with a boost of self-esteem for most patients. This is explained by the fact that with plastic surgery we can correct imperfections of the body, hence improving the physical appearance of the patient. 

Dealing with aesthetic imperfections can be emotionally impairing for some people, especially if this happens early in life and for many years. It is not easy to have underdeveloped breasts when all your friends and colleagues are getting their feminine shapes and your appearance is still boyish. It can be a real emotional struggle to have feminine-looking breasts as a man. 

There are different types of aesthetic imperfections that can bother both men and women. Some are associated with just the physical aspect of the body while others can also pose a health issue, such as overly large breasts that can cause difficulties in performing certain tasks and physical exercises and lead to an abnormal body posture.

When the procedures are performed by a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon on a patient with a strong medical indication and well-prepared for the surgery, chances are satisfactory results will be achieved. When it comes to plastic surgery complications which occur in rare cases and usually related to pre-existing health conditions, the lack of experience of the plastic surgeon or the patient’s inability to follow the indications of the doctor are big factors. 

To get the best results possible after plastic surgery and enjoy the boost of self-esteem associated with it, it is important to be well-prepared for the surgery and to know exactly what results can be expected. People can end up disappointed after getting plastic surgery not because the procedure was unsuccessful in terms of medical or aesthetic results, but because it is not what they were hoping for. 

The boost of self-esteem after plastic surgery often tends to occur when the initial side effects of the procedure have subsided and the patients start to see the final results. The recovery period can be associated with pain and discomfort, and it may not be an easy time for patients. But two to four weeks after plastic surgery, the side effects start to vanish and the patient can slowly see the results once the swelling subsides. This is when patients start to take pride in their physical appearance and become more interested in going out in the world and showing their bodies. 

Many patients talk about this boost of self-esteem like a burden was lifted from their shoulders, and now they can enjoy what life has to offer with a completely different attitude. After getting good results after plastic surgery, patients might want to try new things, become more active socially and professionally, and also may want to start dating again or notice a considerable improvement in their intimate life. This often is due to being happy with how they look.

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