Booty implants: yes or no?

Booty implants: yes or no?

07th Nov 2019


Plastic surgery is widely available nowadays in many countries of the world, and more and more patients resort to these types of procedures every year to enhance the appearance of their bodies or to correct aesthetic imperfections. The reality is that the results achieved with plastic surgery are unparalleled and  impossible to achieve in any other way. 

Plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the buttocks has seen a considerable increase in demand over the last decade, and now it looks like this trend is not going to go away any time soon. Butt augmentation can be performed using two methods: one entails the use of the patient’s own fat cells, and the other requires silicone implants. Fat transfer offers natural results without the potential complications associated with the use of implants; however, the augmentation achieved when using implants is much more impressive and can also last longer in time.

When looking for methods to augment the buttocks, many people are drawn to fat transfer, but when they start talking about their goals and expectations from the procedure, it is obvious that the procedure they actually need is butt implant surgery. 

We have patients coming to the pre-operative consultation asking about butt implants. Are they safe? Should they get them or not? Our answer is pretty much the same all the time: yes, if you have a medical indication for this procedure. In other words, if you are a suitable candidate as per your plastic surgeon’s assessment, there is no reason why you shouldn’t undergo this procedure. 

The butt implants we use nowadays are FDA approved and of a high quality. Moreover, you should know that butt implants are very different from breast implants. Many patients who already have breast implants and are interested in getting a butt augmentation struggle to understand how their butt will look after getting implants because they believe breast and butt implants are pretty much the same. This is not true. Breast implants are softer and smoother and made to simulate the breast tissue, namely the glandular tissue. Butt implants are made to resemble the muscles of the buttocks, so they are harder and with a different consistency and texture. 

It is important to understand that butt implants are not breast implants and they even behave differently. For example, breast implants need to be removed and replaced as they have a limited warranty. This is not the case for butt implants, which can be kept inside permanently. There are few complications associated with butt implant surgery such as capsular contracture, which has a very low incidence rate when it comes to the buttocks.

If you don’t know whether to say yes or no to butt implants, make sure to discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon and ask for his recommendation. 


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