Botox Basics – Understanding the Process

Botox Basics – Understanding the Process

31st Aug 2014


Botox injections have become one of the world’s favorite and most trusted cosmetic procedures of all. Which is unsurprising really, given how simple the process is and how immediate the effects. With Botox, it’s all about immediately getting rid of those telltale lines on the forehead that have a tendency to really give away a person’s age. Reduce their appearance and the difference can be striking – instantly more youthful looks.

So if you’ve decided to go ahead with Botox injections, what can you expect on the day?

Before the Procedure – Prior to the injections there’s a chance you’ll be offered an anesthetic to reduce the discomfort. Most find the minor pain of the injections more than tolerable, though if you’re in any way worried you can request a pain-relieving cream, spray, or injection. There are no specific preparation requirements that the patient needs to take care of, other than to ensure the areas to be treated is in generally good health.

During the Procedure – The Botox injections will be carried out by a licensed and experienced professional as an outpatient procedure. This involves the liquid being injected under the surface of the skin as many times as necessary to cover the required area. Exactly how many injections are needed will vary from client to client.

After the Procedure – One of the most pleasing characteristics of Botox is the way in which there is technically no recovery time at all. In almost every single instance, the patient can go back to their daily duties immediately after the injections and there is little to no lasting discomfort. It’s important not to rub or irritate the area of application immediately after treatment, but other than this it’s business as usual right after the job is done.

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