Bottoming-Out of Breast Implant

Bottoming-Out of Breast Implant

07th Oct 2015

Bottoming-Out of Breast ImplantBottoming-out of breast implants occurs when the implants move down too low on the chest wall and the nipples end up sited too high on the breast mounds, which makes them pop up out of the bra. This is because support to the implant by the skin alone is not always sufficient to prevent downward migration of the implants. If the implant has no muscle coverage, there is not enough support available to stop the implant’s downward travel. Also, over-dissection of implant pockets at the time of surgery may cause immediate bottoming out, with too-low position of one or both of the implants.

Bottoming out is seen more frequently with breast implants that are placed over the breast muscles or only partially under the muscle. This condition rarely occurs with implants placed totally behind the muscle. Bottoming out is seen to some extent, over time, in most implants placed. It is very important to choose the right implant for you to postpone this effect.Also,careful assessment of the breast skin tone can help prevent this complication. In severe cases, however, this condition can only be remedied by a corrective surgical procedure. Dr. Wilberto Cortes has dealt with a number of such cases in a thorough and professional manner and has produced amazing results for his patients.

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