Bra or braless after mastopexy with implants?

Bra or braless after mastopexy with implants?

08th Jul 2019



One of the most frequent changes in the physical appearance of a woman performed with the help of plastic surgery is the remodeling of the breasts with the help of the breast lift. The results are notable and easily noticeable after the recovery process is completed and the final results transpire. The breast lift is a complex plastic surgery procedure that aims to elevate and reshape the breasts and give them a more youthful and perky appearance. The procedure is very much in demand nowadays as it is safe and provides long-lasting and often spectacular results. The improvements in the physical appearance of the patient after the breast lift are considerable, especially if the patient was confronted with a severe level of breast ptosis.

Breast ptosis ends up affecting all women sooner or later in their life and some of the factors causing it can’t be prevented. However, there are other factors that can accelerate the occurrence of breast ptosis and among them is related to wearing a bra.

In this article, we will discuss about the breast lift performed with the use of implants, also known as mastopexy with implants, and whether it is recommended to wear or not wear a bra after the procedure.


Mastopexy with implants: An overview

The most commonly performed procedure on women nowadays is breast augmentation with implants. The procedure allows for a safe and permanent augmentation of the breasts with minimal side effects and long-term consequences. The implants are positioned either behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle and the incisions used can be localized on the axilla, the areola, or the inframammary fold. The type and shape of implants to be used, as well as the volume, will be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. What usually happens is that the plastic surgeon will make recommendations for implants after performing a medical examination and measurements on the patient and also after discussing the patient’s goals and expectations from the procedure. 

A procedure most women need and are not even aware of is the breast lift. We often have women coming for the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation only for the plastic surgeon to tell them that what they really need is a breast lift. Weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies, the natural aging process, and gravity can affect the shape, firmness, and position of the breasts on the chest wall. For women confronted with sagginess, the only feasible solution is to undergo a breast lift. The procedure entails the re-centering of the mammary gland tissue, the repositioning of the nipple and areola complex, and the elimination of the skin that is in excess on the breasts. The dimensions of the breasts are not affected when the breast lift is performed as the firmness and perky position of the breasts is achieved by removing the excess skin tissue. 

Taking into consideration what we have discussed so far, it is obvious that the breast lift is actually the ideal combination of surgical procedures that will help women achieve breasts that are not only perky but also larger in size. This type of procedure, mastopexy with implants, is recommended for women who have given birth, those who have just lost a significant amount of weight after a weight loss regimen, or for women who had their breasts’ beautiful appearance affected by the passing of time. Skin elasticity decreases with age, and while many women can have beautiful looking breasts in their youth, they notice that in time the shape of the breasts changes and they become more and more droopy on the chest wall. 

Keep in mind that any plastic surgery procedure performed on the breasts should have a strong medical indication and performed to serve a specific goal. The plastic surgeon will advise you on the type of implants to be chosen so the results will look natural and the sagginess of the breasts won’t be again accentuated after the procedure. 

Also, even if the results of the breast lift with implants can be spectacular and long-lasting in time, the patient is advised to follow certain recommendations to avoid the development of breast ptosis after the procedure. Among these recommendations that you will receive from the plastic surgeon is wearing a bra.


Bra or braless after mastopexy with implants

Some patients tend to believe that after getting a mastopexy with implants, there will never be a need to wear a bra again. This is not true. Even if the breasts look great and there is no aesthetic need to wear a bra, there are other reasons why the plastic surgeon will advise you to avoid going braless after the breast lift.


–    Wearing a bra immediately after mastopexy 

There is a strong indication to wear a special post-op or sports bra non-stop after the breast lift with implants has been performed. The patient will leave the medical facility wearing a supportive and compressive bra, and they can only take it off during showers and exchange it with a clean pair. Wearing the bra after mastopexy is mandatory for at least two to three weeks and after this for another month or so only during the day. The results are dependent on you wearing the special bra for as long as the plastic surgeon recommends it, so make sure not to cut corners when it comes to the quality of the bra. 


–    Wearing a bra during sports activities

Even after the recovery process is completed and the plastic surgeon has told you that you can stop wearing the special bra, he will still advise you to use it each and every time you perform physically demanding activities or sports. Your breasts need compression and support when you exercise, so make sure to offer them these by wearing a good quality sports bra. 


–    Wearing a bra in general

If you had a successful breast lift with implants, it means that now you are enjoying having breasts that are perky, large and round. The nipple and areola complex are also in a perfect anatomical position and of a good size and shape. So why wear a bra and hide it away? Well, the main reason to do so is to sustain the results for longer. Wearing a bra can help you delay the onset of ulterior breast ptosis as it can fight the effects of gravity. Again, it is essential to make sure your bra is of good quality and offers plenty of support for the breasts. It is common for women who had breast implants to struggle in finding a new bra that will fit their new breasts. However, this is an important task, and you should get the help of a specialist to find the perfect type of bra for your breasts. 



Mastopexy with implants is probably one of the most desired plastic surgery procedures nowadays. It allows for the correction of two important imperfections of the breasts that can be the cause of real emotional and physical discomforts for the woman. With the help of a breast lift with implants, we can elevate the breasts to a normal position on the chest wall and also increase their volume to make it more proportionate to the rest of the body. After the procedure, the patient will enjoy having larger, rounder, perkier breasts that look younger. 

However, keep in mind that the factors that caused the sagginess will continue to work on the breasts after mastopexy. These include gravity, the natural aging process, but also something simpler such as wearing the wrong type of bra. Going braless is not an option for mastopexy patients who want to sustain the results for as long as possible. 

It is important to keep in mind that wearing a bra immediately after the procedure is mandatory for a minimum of a few weeks. This is a special post-op bra or a sports bra that should offer the breasts compression and support. After these first few weeks, the plastic surgeon will advise you to keep on wearing this bra for another month or two only during the day, and after this, you can start wearing a normal bra during the day and a sports bra while exercising. 


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