Brachioplasty for arm surgery

18th Oct 2018

The arms are among the most difficult areas to keep firm and sculpted because it is easily affected by weight fluctuations and gravity. It is true that physical activity, combined with a healthy diet can help firm up the arms. But in the case of adipose accumulation or severe cutaneous sagging, performing exercise to tone the muscle is not enough to obtain firm arms. In this case, the “brachial lift” or “brachioplasty” may be the solution for you.
Even loose or wrinkled arms can affect self-confidence. Some people try to camouflage the imperfections of their arms, which considerably limits the possibilities of clothing. Fortunately, this can be corrected by cosmetic surgery. When there is a significant relaxation of the tissues, an excess of skin, and a surplus fat on the inner face of the arms, the surgeon can perform brachioplasty.

Nevertheless, here are a few caveats of brachioplasty:
• In the case of adipose excess, liposuction is performed to slim the arms and reduce the fat tissue. Liposuction is actually the only procedure that can effectively make the arms thinner. While this lift intervention removes the stubborn fat, it still cannot sculpt your arms.

• For relatively younger patients who have elastic skin with good potential of retraction, liposuction may be enough to correct their arms. The skin can be re-draped in a natural way without having to conduct brachioplasty, thereby avoiding further scarring.

• If the skin on the arms is distended and wrinkled, but without excess fat, liposuction is not necessary, and only the lifting of the arms performed.

The brachioplasty usually delivers impressive results for most patients. However, keep in mind that the sculpting of the arms will only be further defined and perfected by wearing the girdle after the procedure is performed.

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